Truck loses 350 cases of beer on Autobahn

A few football fans could go thirsty after a beer transport truck from Munich lost some 350 cases of beer on the A8 Autobahn while traveling to Austria for a Euro 2008 delivery late on Monday evening.

Truck loses 350 cases of beer on Autobahn
Major party foul, dude. Photo: DPA

Around 600 poorly secured cases of beer tipped over as the 51-year-old semi truck driver hit a curve, destroying the holding fixtures inside the trailer walls. More than half of the shipment landed on the motorway, police said on Tuesday.

Clean up efforts took more than three hours.

The Polish driver was able to bring the vehicle to a stop at a nearby parking lot and secured the remainder of his shipment. Damages are estimated at €15,000.

No one was injured during the accident.