Lufthansa adds Asia Pacific routes, but not fuel surcharges

Lufthansa adds Asia Pacific routes, but not fuel surcharges
Photo: DPA
German airline Lufthansa said on Monday it had launched two new routes from China and Singapore, but it would not burden customers with a surcharge despite increasing fuel prices.

Last week oil prices exceeded $139 per barrel, and many commercial airlines are feeling the pinch, but Lufthansa Asia and Pacific Vice President Uwe Müller told news agency AFP that the company is “in good shape.”

“We have learned our lessons… and we’re right now in a fortunate situation where there is no announcement of adjusting our yearly forecast. We have had a phenomenal first quarter,” he told AFP.

Additional flights include five flights per week between Singapore and Munich, and three weekly flights from Shenyang in China to Munich. Routes from Nanjing in China and Pune in India have also been added to the airline’s schedule.

“There will be many more to follow,” he told AFP.

In the next year the company expects flight capacity to increase by six to seven percent, Müller said. Meanwhile growth in the Asia Pacific region could grow as much as 20 percent.