Heidi Klum crowns teen Germany’s top model

A 17-year-old with long legs managed to win “Germany’s Next Top Model” on Thursday night in the finale of supermodel Heidi Klum’s successful TV casting show.

Heidi Klum crowns teen Germany’s top model
Heidi congratulates the winner Jenny. Photo: DPA

Teenager Jenny Hof beat out the high-heeled competition for a modeling contract and the cover of the German edition of “Cosmopolitan” in the third season of Klum’s show. Hof’s 1.13-metre long legs had made her a favourite early on and she didn’t shy from cutting her brown hair into a short platinum blonde hairdo or posing with huge spiders to take the prize.

Her friends from Rodgau near Offenbach, however, are concerned she might now prefer Klum’s world of modeling glamour over them. “I wrote her a long letter because I’m afraid to lose her now,” said Hof’s best friend the 16-year-old Nina.

Klum and her jurors ended up confirming a supposedly secret list predicting Hof would win that leaked on the internet from the show’s broadcaster ProSieben. But the German supermodel, married to British crooner Seal, still tried to keep tensions high. Despite the expected outcome, the show’s latest season has been the most successful.