Schäuble aims to keep German hooligans from Euro 2008

Schäuble aims to keep German hooligans from Euro 2008
Temporary wooden jails for hooligans in Switzerland. Photo: DPA
German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble wants to do everything in the government’s power to keep hooligans from travelling to the European Championships starting this weekend.

“We’ll hinder known violent hooligans from travelling abroad,” he told the Friday edition of the tabloid Bild.

He said federal and state authorities are making use of a wide range of measures at their disposal, including official talks with specific individuals, requiring them to register their whereabouts with the police, revoking passports, and even taking people into custody.

Schäuble said the government was particularly on alert ahead of Germany first Euro match against Poland on Sunday.

“Violent individuals will have no chance at the European Championship,” he told the paper, adding that Germany had an intensive exchange of information with Euro co-hosts Austria and Switzerland.

“We’re also in close contact with our Polish colleagues,” he said in a tacit acknowledgment that hooligans from Poland and Germany have tangled before.

But Schäuble remained confident that German police in Austria and Switzerland would help ensure the Euro 2008 was a friendly and peaceful football tournament.