Dutch paper claims Merkel is Oranje fan

Dutch paper claims Merkel is Oranje fan
Hup Holland Hup? The Chancellor show her colours. Photo: DPA
The Dutch newspaper Telegraaf on Tuesday speculated German Chancellor Angela Merkel secretly supports the arch rivals of the German national football team just days ahead of the Euro 2008.

The paper claimed that “even Angela Merkel likes Oranje” due to her penchant for wearing orange – the traditional colour sported by fans from the Netherlands. The article was accompanied by a photo of Merkel wearing a bright orange jacket in Frankfurt on Monday during celebrations for the 10th anniversary of the European Central Bank.

The Telegraaf then expressed it’s joy at the “support from the German corner” heading into the European Championship starting this weekend in Switzerland and Austria.

Germany’s footballing rivalry with the Netherlands generates the same passion as the country’s sporting antagonism against England. During the World Cup in Germany two years ago, Dutch fans even wore bright orange plastic helmets styled like those used by the German Wehrmacht during the Second World War.