Storms slam western Germany

Strong storms in North Rhine-Westphalia and parts of southwestern Germany flooded cellars and caused mudslides on Friday morning.

Storms slam western Germany
Hail damage. Photo: DPA

Tennis-ball sized hail destroyed cars in Krefeld. Police reported that countless car windows and rooftops had been demolished in the city in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

“The area around Düsseldorf was particularly hard hit by hail storms,” said meteorologist Michael Beisenherz from Meteomedia, warning that more bad weather could hit parts of western Germany this afternoon.

Violent winds also hit the state of Hesse in the Rhine-Taunus region, where police said at least 54 trees were uprooted. Some motorists were trapped between fallen trees on the road near Bad Schwalbach and had to be freed by the fire brigade.

The storms flooded streets and cellars in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland. The police in Kaiserlautern said a six-kilometre stretch of the Bundesstrasse 424 in Zweibrücken had to be closed due to mudslides.

Heavy rains also unleashed mudslides on the railway near Bullay an der Mosel. But police in Trier reported that the tracks were only “marginally” covered and that trains would soon be able to continue service.

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South and east Germany to be struck by heavy rain and storms on Friday

The German Weather Service (DWD) warned on Friday of heavy and continuous rain in the southeast of the country.

South and east Germany to be struck by heavy rain and storms on Friday

On the border to Austria there is a chance that “extremely heavy, continuous rain” will fall on Saturday morning, the meteorologists predicted.

In the northeast of Germany, isolated, heavy thunderstorms are possible. The warnings come after fierce storms hit the Mediterranean and Austria on Friday, causing several deaths.

The German Weather Service (DWD) has issued an extreme weather warning for the south of Bavaria and parts of Baden-Württemberg. On the edge of the Alps, a severe weather warning is in effect until Saturday morning for deluges of up to 140 liters per square metre.

In other parts of Bavaria and the southwest of Baden-Württemberg, 50 to 80 litres per square metre of rain are possible, according to DWD.

The rainfall could lead to the flooding of cellars and streets, high water in streams and rivers, as well as landslides. Residents of the affected regions have been advised to close their windows and doors.

After weeks of drought and severe forest fires, DWD also predicted heavy thunderstorms with heavy rain in the east and northeast for Friday.

Isolated hailstorms and strong gusts of wind could also occur. In the evening, more showers and thunderstorms are expected to move in from the west and northwest.

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