German electricity prices set to rise this summer

German electricity prices set to rise this summer
Photo: DPA
It's a good thing Germans don't tend to use air conditioners, because in addition to the rising cost of petrol, natural gas and food, residents can also expect an increase in electricity costs in the coming year.

Some 39 German electricity providers will raise prices in June and July, according to online price comparison portal TopTarif on Thursday in Berlin. Costs will likely go up by an average of 5 percent. Southern Germans can expect the biggest increases, with prices in Passau leading the way at 8 percent.

The average increase means that a family of four that uses 3,500 kilowatt hours of electricity will pay an extra €48 per year.

TopTarif also reported that some providers said they would reduce prices in the coming two months, however. Among them were Mark-E Aktiengesellschaft, Stadtwerke Lüdenscheid and Rheinische Energie AGSo.

On Tuesday, German daily Bild reported that up to 67 gas companies are expected to increase prices by up to 17 percent between June and July.