Year’s first heat wave set to hit Germany

Year's first heat wave set to hit Germany
Photo: DPA
The first heat wave of the year is set to hit Germany this week, with temperatures poised to crack 30 degrees Celsius in the southwestern part of the country.

The hot air blasting up from Africa won’t likely make it all the way to Germany’s northern coast, according to the German Weather Service in Offenbach. However, the front will bring the north its first measurable amount of precipitation in weeks.

On Monday, the north will see scattered showers with occasional thunderstorms. The rest of Germany will be cloudy yet dry, and the extreme southwest will experience a few thunderstorms late in the afternoon. A brisk easterly wind will keep the coastal regions up north a cool 15 to 19 degrees. In the rest of Germany, the mercury will hit between 20 and 27 degrees. The far south will get a sampling of the coming heat wave with pockets of temperatures rising to 30 degrees. Monday night will cool down to 11 to 16 degrees.

On Tuesday, much of the country will remain dry outside of the north. Mountainous regions could experience occasional thunderstorms. Average temperatures will hit 22 to 28 degrees, but the southwest will start to sweat with highs well into the 30s.

Wednesday will bring showers and thunderstorms in the western part of Germany, and temperatures will range from 17 to 30 degrees.