German hospital unit treats China earthquake victims

A German Red Cross mobile hospital unit handled its first patients in earthquake-ravaged southwest China on Monday.

German hospital unit treats China earthquake victims
Workers set up another field hospital on May 23. Photo: DPA

“It is going very well,” Red Cross spokeswoman Svenja Koch told German press agency DPA in Peking.

An 11-person team from Germany is working with about 100 Chinese doctors and nurses in the Sichuan province city of Dujiangyan. Initial patients were surprised the treatment was free, Koch said.

Volunteers helped set up the hospital over the weekend. The facility is capable of providing in-patient treatment to some 120 people at the same level as a German hospital, according to the Red Cross.

Two weeks after a severe earthquake in Sichuan province, more than 30,000 injured people are still being treated in hospitals. The earthquake left more than 62,000 dead and nearly 24,000 people missing.