German man killed in shoot-out with police

German man killed in shoot-out with police
Police invetigate the crime scene in Bayreuth. Photo: DPA
A 53-year-old German man is dead after a shoot-out with police in Bayreuth on Sunday.

One 49-year-old officer from the city in the German state of Bavaria was seriously injured in the incident which occurred when police noticed the man on a routine patrol when he appeared to tamper with a parked bicycle, then abruptly took out his weapon and began shooting, police said.

The man was killed when police returned fire. He and his 37-year-old colleague were in shock after the incident and unable unfit for interview, news agency DDP reported.

A police spokesperson said the man killed by the police was homeless and came from Berlin. The State Office of Criminal Investigation is searching for more details on the man’s background.