German-Afghan jailed for knifing rabbi in Frankfurt

German-Afghan jailed for knifing rabbi in Frankfurt
The German-Afghan man identified as Said A. Photo: DPA
A court in Frankfurt sentenced a German man of Afghan origin to three and a half years for a knife attack on a rabbi in Frankfurt last September.

The 23-year-old Said A. knifed the 42-year-old Rabbi Zalman Gurevitch in the stomach after shouting, “I’m going to stab you, you damn Jew,” according to witnesses.

Prosecutors had originally intended to charge the man with attempted manslaughter but pursued charges of grievous bodily harm instead, due to lack of evidence. They had asked the court for four years.

The Afghan man admitted the deed before the trial, and his defence team pled for three years in jail.

Gurevitch’s lawyer contended throughout the trial that there was enough proof for a case of attempted manslaughter. But an uninvolved witness told the court during the trial that the attack had been preceded by a scuffle started by the rabbi.