German neo-Nazis celebrate Israeli national identity

Evidence that a German neo-Nazi group is bizzarely celebrating the Jewish state of Israel has been discovered on their website.

German neo-Nazis celebrate Israeli national identity
Photo DPA

The neo-Nazi group The Autonomous Nationalists, known for their extreme violence and fascist sympathies, have built upon a peculiar ideology within their group, publishing a manifesto entitled, “National Socialism for Israel” on their website.

The essay contains racist language about Jews, but hails them as “a healthy and strong people,” reported German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel. The group also commends Israel’s “preservation of national identity.”

The manifesto contains photos of black, white and red flags, mounted with the yellow star of David, sparking an outcry from extreme right-wing groups of anti-Semitic reactions.

Some suspicions have been raised by right-wing groups saying that the manifesto is a fake and the protection of the constitution is not at risk.

This publication from the The Autonomous Nationalists goes against the usual neo-Nazi hatred towards foreigners, especially since “National Socialism for Israel” and anti-Semitism stand in opposition to each other.

Ideology of right-wing extremists may be open for changes, though, as one neo-Nazi wrote on the Altermedia website, “German Nationalism must eventually free itself from it’s dogmatic anti-Semitic routes.”