When scared, Germans reach for salty snacks

If inviting Germans over to watch horror movie "Saw," you had better stock up on salty snacks like crisps, according to a study of movie snacking habits released in Munich on Thursday.

When scared, Germans reach for salty snacks
Photo: DPA

And forget about pairing champagne and caviar with a screening of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” – it had better be chocolate instead.

Market research firm HumanLink surveyed 2,020 Germans in November about their movie snacking habits and found they were likely to reach for something salty while watching a horror movie and something sweet for a romance.

Some 46 percent of respondents said they were hungry for potato chips during scary films. Some 51 percent admitted to breaking out the chocolate during romantic movies.

“There exists a connection between the genre and the munchies,” HumanLink spokesman Christiane Tramitz said.