A third of Germans want the mark back

Almost ten years after the introduction of the single European currency the euro, a third of all Germans would prefer to have the mark back.

A third of Germans want the mark back
Photo: DPA

According to a survey by the German Banking Association (BdB) cited by the daily Berliner Zeitung on Friday, 34 percent of those asked wanted to ditch the euro and replace it with the Deutsche mark.

A strong majority of 65 percent said they opposed bringing back the old German currency replaced by the euro in 1999.

People said they didn’t like the euro because they believed it had made things more expensive. Some 53 percent of those asked said the euro was the main culprit for widespread price rises in recent years.

But BdB board member Manfred Weber told the paper that perception was wrong.

“The biggest increases in prices have nothing to do with the euro but rather with more expensive energy and food,” Weber said.