German Olympic uniform derided

German Olympic uniform derided
Judge for yourself. Photo:DPA
Germany’s official Olympic team outfits have been greeted with derision, after the orange jacket, white skirt/trouser combination was unveiled to a fanfare in Düsseldorf.

German daily Die Welt slated the uniforms, describing them as housewife gear, saying they were bad enough to make one forget about the Tibet conflict.

“The outfits are so awful and dreadful, there can only be one response – boycott!” the paper wrote on Thursday.

“Athletes Charles Friedek, Nils Winter and Marius Bröning remind you of doctors who have swiftly pulled on a jacket,” the paper continued.

“And the otherwise very chic hockey ladies look like old-school housewives, thanks to the ‘fresh cranberry colour’.”

The German Olympic Sports Association described the outfits as ‘top fashion’, and added, “Our athletes’ outfits are of the highest quality.”

Die Welt commented, “We are sure the wardrobe is comfortable, breathes well and can be washed frequently. But stylish it is not.”