German companies foresee China visa problems

German companies expect tightened visa restrictions because of the Olympic games in China to cause problems for business, according to a German trade board survey released on Tuesday.

German companies foresee China visa problems
Photo: DPA

About 60 percent of the 220 German companies surveyed said they expect problems from the new visa rules.

Companies feel that “the tightening and the not entirely transparent situation could lead to a tough situation,” trade board Chairman Richard Hausmann said on Tuesday in Peking.

The companies surveyed were not concerned about political fallout from Germany’s criticism of China’s Tibet policy, the trade board said. Two-thirds of the survey respondents said they didn’t see any impact.

Hausmann said German companies oppose any boycott of portions of the Beijing Olympic games.

“I think quiet words and gentle diplomacy have more effect than grand appearances,” Hausmann said, citing a growing sense of nationalism in China he said had been inflamed by criticism of the country.

About 3,000 German companies do business in China, employing about 200,000 Chinese workers.