Rescuers search for German boy after boat accident

Rescue workers are searching for a 12-year-old German boy on the Elster canal in Leipzig after a boat accident that seriously injured another 11-year-old boy, a police spokesperson said on Monday.

Rescuers search for German boy after boat accident
Photo: DPA

The boy from the German state of Saxony-Anhalt and four other friends wanted to take part in a regatta on Sunday. Their rowboat capsized on a dam and was pulled several meters deep. Rescuers were able to save the four of the other boys, but one 11-year old boy remains seriously injured and unconscious in a nearby hospital.

Police issued an erroneous report on Sunday saying the 11-year-old had died shortly after being rescued, but corrected the statement on Monday morning. A police spokesperson said the force is investigating the mistake.

Divers are still searching canal area for the fifth boy, though chances of finding him alive are slim.