Man arrested over acid package attacks

Police have arrested a 45-year-old German man on suspicion of sending three dangerous packages to Austrian politicians last month.

Man arrested over acid package attacks
Photo: DPA

The Bavarian man allegedly worked with a 48-year-old Austrian man to send five packages containing butryic acid to Austrian politicians, police said Friday.

One of the politicians, Rudolf Prinz, a Social Democrat member of parliament, suffered from burn-like irritations to his eyes, nose and skin after opening a packet of cigars which released a strange liquid and vapour. The package had been sent from Deggendorf in the German state of Bavaria.

Two other politicians in Vienna were sent packages, along with two other councillors in Weisskirchen, northern Austria, who were not injured because police intercepted the packages before they were opened.

Police have begun preliminary proceedings against the German man, who during police interrogations admitted to mailing the packages for the Austrian man, who paid off a €1,500 debt in exchange.