Verdi charges Aldi with illegal activity

German public worker’s union Verdi has charged the northern branch of discount grocery chain Aldi for breaking the German works council constitution act, the Monday edition of daily Süddeutschen Zeitung reported on Monday.

According to Verdi leader Frank Bsirske, Aldi has allegedly taken secret actions to further the cause of employer-friendly works council organization AUB. Bsirske said Aldi’s actions were “criminal schemings,” because the works council constitution act forbids any one-sided exercise of influence from companies on work council votes.

The company allegedly paid former government head of AUB, William Schelsky, to advance the organization. Schelsky has been detained by police for some time awaiting trial for suspicious payments he received from Siemens. During questioning he admitted that Aldi Nord had paid and AUB employee €120,000 to concern himself with the Aldi worker’s union.

“That Aldi uses such methods to repress union work puts the company’s moral integrity in question,” Bsirske told the paper.