Bavarian orchestra cancels deafening musical work

Bavarian orchestra cancels deafening musical work
Photo: dpa
The symphony orchestra of Bavarian public broadcaster BR decided to drop a musical work from its programme after musicians complained it was too loud.

The orchestra was meant to play the world premiere of Swedish composers Dror Feiler’s work for amplified bass flute, prepared piano and orchestra on Friday, April 4.

But after an earlier rehearsal, one musician complained of experiencing intense ringing in the ears that lasted three hours. Other orchestra members said they would only be able to play the 20-minute long composition wearing earplugs, which led manager Trygve Nordwall to scratch the piece from the programme.

“The work begins with machine gun fire played off tape, and that’s the quietest section,” Nordwall said on Saturday. “It’s my job to protect the orchestra.”

Nordwall said there was no artistic reason to drop the piece from the programme, but composer Feiler was outraged at the news.