German police bust biker drug ring

Police have raided a major biker drug ring in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, confiscating several kilos of narcotics and a horde of weapons.

Prosecutors in the town of Ravensburg on Friday announced that police in the German states of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Rhineland-Palatinate searched 33 apartments and businesses on Thursday night. Among other illegal items, the raid turned up 1.6 kilos of marijuana and 1.1 kilos of amphetamines, an automatic pistol and several other firearms.

Some 24 people are now under investigation and four people aged 39 to 41 from Biberach in Baden-Württemberg have had warrants for their arrest issued.

Over a hundred police officers, including a commando unit, took part in the operation. Investigators believe some of the suspects hold important positions both in Germany and internationally in the as yet unnamed ‘rocker gangs’ involved.