Germans suspected in Afghan suicide plot

Two German Islamists are suspected of plotting suicide attacks against German soldiers in Afghanistan.

A spokesman for Germany’s federal police agency (BKA) would only confirm that “institutions in Afghanistan potentially threatened by terrorism” had been warned and the people involved came from Islamist groups in Germany.

Focus Online reported late on Thursday that German authorities had sent a photo of one radical Islamist identified as Eric B. on April 1 to German organizations in Afghanistan via the embassy in Kabul. Both of the German citizens in question are suspected of having ties to suspected terrorists arrested in Germany’s Sauerland region last autumn that belonged to a group known as the Islamic Jihad Union.

The Sauerland suspects include German converts to Islam identified by police as Daniel S. and Fritz G., as well as the German Turk Adem Y. All were supposedly trained in terrorist camps along the Afghan-Pakistani border just like the two German Islamists now sought in Afghanistan.

According to information obtained by DDP, Adem Y. was closely acquainted with the German Turk Cüneyt Ciftci from the Bavarian town Freising. Ciftci blew himself up along with two US soldiers and two civilians in a suicide attack on March 3 at a US base in eastern Afghanistan.