Poll: Berliners love Berlin

Adding to recent hype about Berlin's hip atmosphere, an international study released on Thursday confirms what self-satisfied Berlin residents already know: they admire and enjoy their city.

Poll: Berliners love Berlin
Berlin hipsters hard at work. Photo: DPA

French research company Veolia Environment presented the study “Veolia Observatory of Urban Lifestyles 2008 – Life in the City” in Berlin on Thursday. Part of a survey of 8,600 residents in 14 world cities, some 89 percent of Berlin’s inhabitants gave it an above average positive rating. That was above the study average of 86 percent.

According to Veolia’s findings, “Berliners are very attached to their city and are happy there.” They consider the city a cultural hub where a comfortable lifestyle is affordable. Money issues are the most important criteria for residents when it comes to quality of life, closely followed by culture, leisure activities, and “opportunities for having a good time.”

Sports and cultural offerings in Germany’s capital city were the most cherished offerings with 47 percent of those asked having a favourable view of them. That was followed by public transportation access with 46 percent approval rating.

Other important aspects were nightlife and a hospitable social environment.

But residents’ future expectations are dampened by a “weak economic dynamic,” said Kay Koschel of marketing research firm Ipsos, the company that partnered on the project. A reduction in unemployment is important to 57 percent of Berliners surveyed. “This figure is double that of other cities,” Koschel said.

Unfortunately, gainful employment might cut down on those “opportunities for having a good time.”