HSV’s Jarolim handed ban for ‘genital squeeze’ foul

HSV's Jarolim handed ban for 'genital squeeze' foul
Jarolim surveys his grip on the situation. Photo: DPA
Czech international David Jarolim has been slapped with a four-match ban by Bundesliga disciplinary chiefs after he was ruled to have squeezed an opponent's genitals.

The decision follows Hamburg’s 1-1 draw with Bielefeld last Saturday, during which the Hamburg midfielder was shown the red card.

The 28-year-old Czech reacted physically to being verbally abused by two Bielefeld players who had accused him of taking a dive to win a free kick. Jarolim said he had been insulted by Markus Schuler before striking out.

The Czech is linked with HSV till 2010 but has now threatened to leave Germany, claiming he is the victim of a hate campaign.