Deutsche Post workers to strike

Public worker’s union Verdi will call warning strikes on Tuesday in the ongoing wage dispute with German postal service Deutsche Post.

Deutsche Post workers to strike
'Post closed today.' File photo: DPA

Packages and letters won’t be delivered in cities across the country in specially chosen urban areas. Walk outs are expected later this week.

Verdi wants job guarantees for the 130,000 employees covered by the public-sector wage agreements at Deutsche Post until mid-2011 and ten shortened work days annually to make up for an increase in the work week from 38.5 to 41 hours for 55,000 postal employees.

Deutsche Post has offered to extend job guarantees until June 30 so that further negotiations can take place and has agreed to some flexibility on the working hours issue, as long as Verdi’s behaviour remains “constructive.” Verdi rejected the offer.