German circus camels run for freedom

Two camels took a ramble through the west German town of Krefeld in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, after escaping from a nearby travelling circus, police reported on Sunday.

German circus camels run for freedom
Photo: DPA

Police initially mistook the animals to be an early April Fools Day joke, when sightings of the humpy pair were reported early this morning. However, a local bus driver who spotted the camels crossing a road verified their crafty escape.

The camels were found unharmed a few hundred metres away from the circus, after taking a wander through a garden allotment. The Krefeld Police press office said they were perhaps en route to visit their fellow camels at the nearby Krefeld Zoo.

Animal trainers from the circus were called in to round up the runaways, and bring the exploring camels safely back to the Big Top.