Jilted German swan reunited with paddleboat crush

A lovesick German swan has been returned to its longtime crush – a paddleboat – after being jilted by another bird.

Jilted German swan reunited with paddleboat crush
Petra, her ex-lover, and the paddleboat. Photo: dpa

Petra, a black swan in the northwestern German city of Münster, will be taken from her winter quarters at the local zoo on Friday to the Aasee lake. There she will be reunited with a pedal-driven tourist boat in the shape of swan that she has long fancied.

Lonely Petra had apparently found real love with a Mute swan over the winter, but sadly her feathered affair ended after the other bird left her pond at the zoo for the company of other black swans. The zookeepers apparently felt sorry for Petra and decided to take the jilted bird back to the paddleboat.