MP demands ban for German neo-Nazis

The chairman of a key parliamentary committee has renewed his call for another attempt to ban Germany’s neo-Nazi NPD party, saying the case against the group had increased.

“The reasons for a ban have grown rather than decreased,” wrote Sebastian Edathy, head of the Bundestag’s interior policy committee, in a commentary for the Friday edition of the Sächsische Zeitung regional daily.

The Social Democratic parliamentary said the NPD operated contrary to the German constitution and its stated goal was to destroy the country’s democracy. He pointed out that both the German government and both the upper and lower houses of parliament had agreed the neo-Nazi group should be banned a few years ago, but the process had been halted on technicalities.

“The case was closed due to formalities. Since then the NPD has become even more radical and it has steadily become the centre of right-wing extremist network in Germany,” Edathy wrote.