Sony BMG said to offer unlimited online music plan

Music company Sony BMG wants to launch a subscription plan to give clients unlimited access to its digital catalogue, boss Rolf Schmidt-Holtz said in an interview published on Tuesday.

Sony BMG said to offer unlimited online music plan
The plan will work for iPods too. Photo: dpa

“We are working on an online music subscription service,” Schmidt-Holtz, the company’s chief executive told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper.

“The simplest option would be a flat rate under which a monthly payment would provide access to our entire music catalogue for all digital players, including Apple’s iPod,” he added. “It is even possible that clients could keep some songs indefinitely, that they would own them even after the subscription expired.”

Typical subscription fees could run from €6 to €8 ($9.30 to $12.40) per month, he suggested.

The project could get off the ground this year, Schmidt-Holtz said, adding that his company was in talks with other major music distributors on the subject.

Cooperation agreements with mobile telephone manufacturers was also possible, he added.