Rampant computer theft in German government offices

Rampant computer theft in German government offices
Photo: DPA
In the last three years, some 500 computers have gone missing in German government agencies.

According to Thursday’s edition of the German tabloid daily Bild, an inquiry by the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP) has revealed that some government workers have sticky fingers. The PC’s and laptops containing important data have either been stolen or reported missing, according to the paper.

Bild writes that the government says the data theft effects “most of the government agencies.”

The acting FDP leader Carl-Ludwig Thiele accused the agencies of being negligent with data that belongs to German citizens. He told Bild that “data is treated irresponsibly in the angencies.” Thiele also encouraged the German government to solve the problem as quickly as possible. “These incidents need urgent clarification,” he said.