Snow forecast for Easter weekend

Snow forecast for Easter weekend
Photo: DPA
Easter holidays won’t be very spring-like in Germany this year. Bundle up for the Easter egg hunt, the German weather service warned, because a major low is rolling in just in time for the weekend with unseasonably cold, wet weather.

The German weather service in Offenbach announced that heavy clouds bearing rain and snow will arrive on Wednesday as temperatures drop to the low single digits.

“We’ll have to get used to snow again, even in the flatlands,” said Dorothea Paetzold of the German weather service. “There will also be strong sleet and thunderstorms.”

The weather service said temperatures on Thursday will continue to drop below freezing and Germans living in the country’s southern regions can expect snow showers, especially at higher altitudes. Windy storms are also in the forecast for the night before Good Friday.

Friday’s weather will continue to delight as the low front descends directly over Germany with low temperatures, perpetual rainfall and heavy clouds. The southeast can expect more snow.