Berlin transit strike ends

After a 12 day strike that forced Berliners to improvise their way around town, the metro and bus systems are back on track, but on a limited schedule.

Berlin transit strike ends
Photo: DPA

On Monday morning the Berlin public transport system, BVG, was running on a limited holiday schedule, said BVG spokesperson Petra Reetz. BVG had initially planned for the metro to run every 10 minutes, but they are currently running about every five minutes, she said.

As the day progresses, the bus system will begin to operate on a schedule that resembles normal service.

It’s unclear how long the limited service will continue, because maintenance workers are still on strike, Reetz said.

“As soon as a vehicle breaks down, it can’t be fixed,” she continued.

Worker’s union Verdi ended its strike for bus and train drivers in consideration of passengers, even though they failed to reach a solution to the wage dispute over the weekend. New negotiations have yet to be scheduled.

BVG has offered a 3.3 percent more salary for veteran employees, and 3 percent for recently employed workers, but Verdi wants an increase of 3 to 9 percent instead.