Fraudster busted over mobile phone contract for parrot

Police are investigating a Bavarian man for alleged massive fraud committed by signing mobile phone contracts under relatives’ names, including that of the family parrot, to make a fast euro.

Fraudster busted over mobile phone contract for parrot
Polly want an iPhone? Photo: dpa

The authorities in Schrobenhausen in Bavaria believe the 21-year-old signed 190 contracts with mobile phone providers, mostly under the names of his relatives, according to Bavarian broadcaster Radio IN. He also allegedly signed up a parrot belonging to the family for a phone contract. The suspect is said to have caused damages totaling €50,000.

“The young man apparently lived a good life,” said police spokesman Heinz Rindlbacher. “He signed the contracts in order to own the quite expensive gadgets. He made himself rich by selling them,” he added.

The 21-year-old unnamed suspect apparently didn’t stop at mobile phone fraud. Police say he is also linked to irregularities on online auctions. The man is said to have offered items such as huge construction cranes which he didn’t own.