German-Muslim integration improving despite ‘mistrust’

German-Muslim integration improving despite 'mistrust'
Photo: dpa
Leader of the German Islamic Council, Ali Kizilkaya, said Wednesday that Muslims and Christians are making progress in living together in Germany. But there is still a “great mistrust” of Islam, he added.

One day before the third annual German Conference on Islam (DIK), Kizilkaya told news service DDP that he urges restraint in the debate over terrorism. Muslims must not be perceived with a “general suspicion,” he said. The media and politicians shouldn’t fuel prejudices, he added.

Kizilkaya also called for the German government to strengthen its support of immigrant children, because education is important for integration, he said. Muslims in Germany need improved chances for social advancement, and Muslim organizations are ready to work with the government to achieve this, Kizilkaya added.