Strike over for German textile workers

After days of warning strikes, the western German textile industry announced early Tuesday morning in Gladbeck that it has achieved a new wage contract with employers.

After June 1, the 120,000 employees will receive a 3.6 percent pay raise. For April and May, they will get single payment of an extra €200. The contract will last for 12 months. The two sides were unable to achieve an open-ended agreement, and will refer to expert negotiators who will address the issue.

Union IG Metall had intended to get a 5.5 percent raise for workers, and more than 18,000 members participated in warning strikes nationwide to pressure employers since late-February.

The German textile workers union includes clothing manufacturers, and suppliers of rugs and upholstery for the auto industry. North Rhine-Westphalia is the most important German state for the textile industry, home to some 40 percent of the workers.