German teen killers sentenced for grisly murder

Three teens who killed and dismembered their 19-year-old schoolmate have been sentenced in Stuttgart for their crime, according to the DDP news agency.

In August 2007, the students from Kernen in the German state of Baden-Württemburg lured a classmate to a field and beat him to death. They then dismembered him, abandoning the torso in the field, and sank the remaining body parts in concrete-filled in flower pots in the Neckar River.

The judge in the case wanted to hand out the 10-year maximum sentence for minors to all three of juvenile defendants. But defence lawyers were able to get one student a milder sentence.

The main defendant, who has turned 19 since the murder, received the maximum 10-year jail sentence. Two 17 and 18-year-old co-defendants were handed nine and ten year sentences, respectively. A fourth, 23-year-old defendant, received a jail sentence of three years and three months for obstruction of justice in the case.

All of the defendants admitted guilt in the crime, though contested charges that the murder was premeditated. Possible motives for the grisly murder include jealousy and revenge.