‘Premium’ meatballs recalled due to glass shards

A meat packing company near Munich has recalled almost 70,000 packages of meatballs after customers found glass shards in the product.

Starnberg-based meat packing company Houdek has recalled of their “Premium Tex Mex” meatballs because three customers reported finding small pieces of glass in their meals, German news agency ddp reported on Saturday. The recall includes all of the 500 gram packages with an expiration date of March 20, 2008.

No customers were injured by the glass. Houdek officials told ddp that they “can’t entirely rule out” the risk that more packages could have glass shards.

The meatballs, known as Frikadellen in Germany, were only distributed to discount supermarket Aldi’s southern German locations, though not region-wide. According to ddp, Aldi stores removed the product from their shelves immediately. A Houdek spokesperson told ddp that no further incidents have been reported.