Plans for mega-Brothel cancelled

Plans to turn a three story Berlin sex shop into a huge brothel have been shelved after local protests. The venture at the LSD sex store on the boarder between the Mitte and Tempelhof-Schöneberg districts of Berlin, was halted by 3,400 signatures of local residents. The neighbourhood is known as a haunt of prostitutes, however, residents found the thought of a mega-brothel on a prominent corner overwhelming.

The building, built in typical 1960’s architecture, is the former Wegert-Haus, headquarters of a city-wide chain of electronics and camera stores.

“He would be rotating in his grave,” said Jonas Nickel, grandson of Wilhelm Friedrich, who was responsible for the company’s finances and acquired the prominent building for the company in the 1960’s.

The company was founded as a photography shop in the 1930’s. After Word War II, Wegert grew into a city-wide chain that sold photography equipment as well as electronics. The new address was the chain’s main address until the mid-1990’s, when the company went into crisis. Wegert has since changed ownership several times, due to bad management and disputes between the founder’s sons who inherited the business.

Wegert left the building in the 1990’s. Many stores followed, but the LSD store has been a tenant for many years.