Nazi scandal on reality TV show

A participant has been expelled from a popular German reality television show after he performed a Nazi salute.

DJ Tomekk, a participant in German reality show “Jungle Camp” made the Hitler salute and sang the first lines of the Nazi-era national anthem “Germany, Germany above all.”

Newspaper Bild reported that the 31-year-old DJ also commented “there are too many foreigners here.”

“In general, this sort of behaviour is not tolerated by RTL,” RTL-representative station representative Christian Körner told Bild. The DJ was sent home from the Australian hotel where the show was being filmed.

When asked about the incident, DJ Tomekk told AFP, “I have not personally seen the video and don’t know what there is to see on it. I have now heard from a third person that one can supposedly see a Hitler salute. At the moment, I cannot explain it, in particular not as something that was meant seriously.”

The DJ said that he was not xenophobic, saying “I grew up in Wedding, which is a Berlin district with an above average proportion of foreigners. My girlfriend is black and I am anything but xenophobic.”