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Politicians renew call to bring Snowden to Germany

Green and Die Linke (Left Party) politicians are asking that NSA surveillance whistleblower Edward Snowden be allowed into Germany for an ongoing investigation.

Lufthansa cuts profit targets after 'repeated terror attacks'
Photo: DPA

Terror attacks in Europe and "political and economic uncertainty" have prompted German airline Lufthansa to cut its full-year profit target, the company said Wednesday.

Why Air Berlin no longer owns a single aeroplane
Photo: DPA

Blame Brexit...

Plane evacuated after security threat at Berlin airport
Tegel airport. Photo: DPA

A Lufthansa flight scheduled to take off for Munich from Berlin’s Tegel airport was evacuated on Thursday after a "security tip-off".

Lufthansa finally buries hatchet with cabin staff
Photo: DPA

Lufthansa and its cabin staff said Thursday they had reached an agreement on working conditions, bringing to an end a long and bitter industrial dispute that hit thousands of passengers.

Monsanto still 'open' to deal with German chemical giant
An Indian Monsanto farmer seen at work in 'Sweet Corn' field at Monsanto Bangalore Centre. Photo: EPA.

Monsanto said on Wednesday it was still open to a potential merger with Bayer, or to another big deal, as it reported lower earnings due to a tough agricultural market.

Berlin puts spies on tighter leash after NSA scandal
An installation of the BND in Bavaria. Photo: DPA

Germany on Tuesday approved new measures to rein in the activities of its foreign intelligence agency after a scandal over improper collusion with the US National Security Agency.

We'll crush German airlines, boasts Ryanair boss
Michael O’Leary. Photo: DPA

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has told a German newspaper that German rivals Air Berlin and Eurowings are doomed.

Bayer's Monsanto bid
Monsanto takeover would be 'diabolical': environmentalists
An anti-Monsanto activist at a protest in Brandenburg in 2014. Photo: DPA

A proposed tie-up between Bayer and Monsanto has inflamed opinion in Germany where most people oppose genetically modified foods.

Alps plane crash
Top doctor blasts Lufthansa over pilots' mental health
Debris from the flight 4U9525 crash seen in the Alps. Photo: French Interior Ministry/DPA

The head of Germany's doctors' association has lashed out at Lufthansa for failing to prevent last year's Germanwings crash by allowing a pilot suffering from severe depression to fly.

German chemical giant in talks to buy Monsanto
Photo: DPA

Bayer are in talks to buy controversial US biotechnology firm Monsanto, in an acquisition which could create an agro mega-firm.

Two-thirds of Germans want Merkel out at next election
Chancellor Angela Merkel. Photo: DPA

A poll published on Tuesday shows that just under two-thirds of Germans do not want Chancellor Angela Merkel to run for office again in elections next year.

Lufthansa's Euro 2016 ad takes aim at England
Not all German flights look like this. Photo: Screengrab/Lufthansa-Youtube

Who says the Germans don't have a sense of humour?

Berlin axes scandal-hit foreign spy chief
Gerhard Schindler, outgoing head of the BND intelligence agency. File photo: DPA

The German government confirmed on Wednesday that the head of its foreign intelligence service would be replaced two years ahead of schedule, triggering mass speculation about the cause.

Lufthansa slashes 895 flights over Wednesday strike
Photo: DPA

Six German airports will face strikes on Wednesday, with Europe's largest airline Lufthansa warning that almost 900 flights will be cancelled.

Strikes to hit major German airports next Wednesday
Photo: DPA

Flight delays and cancellations are expected at several German airports, including the main hub Frankfurt, next Wednesday due to ground personnel strikes announced by a services union.

Over €100 billion laundered in Germany every year: report
Photo: DPA

Germany is considered an El Dorado for criminals who want to launder their money, a study for the Finance Ministry has found.

Families outraged at tribute to suicidal Germanwings copilot
People leave tributes at a memorial to schoolchildren killed in the fatal crash in Haltern am See, North Rhine-Westphalia. Photo: DPA

Families of the victims of last year's Germanwings crash deliberately caused by a suicidal co-pilot expressed outrage on Monday after his parents placed a heartfelt newspaper announcement in his memory.

Pesticide linked to cancer found in top German beers
Photo: DPA

After the WHO categorized sausages as carcinogenic in 2015, is the other great cornerstone of the German diet also about to fall?

New report: NSA did more than just tap Merkel’s phone
Ban Ki Moon and Angela Merkel. Photo: DPA

New documents made public by Wikileaks reveal that the USA spied on Chancellor Angela Merkel's private conversations with world leaders.

Is minimum height for pilots unfair to women?
A Lufthansa pilot training on a simulator. Photo: DPA

A woman has dragged Lufthansa into an epic court battle for her right to be a pilot – despite not being over the airline's minimum height requirement.

'Don't leave us alone with France', Lufthansa begs Brits
Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr would rather not be stripped naked by an angry mob of trade unionists - as happened to his counterparts at Air France. Photo: DPA

German businesses would "feel alone" in a post-Brexit Europe without a political counterweight against "socialist" countries like France, Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr told an audience in London on Wednesday.

Woman seeks compensation for wetting herself on train
Photo: Wikipedia Commons

A woman from southern Germany wet herself when the only toilet on her train was out of order. Should the rail operator pay her compensation?

Word of the Year 2015
'Refugees' is German Word of the Year for 2015
Chancellor Angela Merkel taking a selfie with a refugee in September. Photo: DPA

The Society for the German Language (GfdS) placed "refugees" at the top of its list of the ten most important words of 2015 released on Friday.

Justice for the Holocaust
How a German insurer helped Nazis rob Jews
An image from a pre-war catalogue of the Wolff clothing company in Berlin, before the family fled for Palestine in 1933. Image: Dina Gold

In 1990, Dina Gold marched into the Transport Ministry in Berlin to stake her claim on a building Nazis confiscated from her grandparents in 1937. But the road to compensation for age-old crimes led her to a surprising discovery about modern-day Germany.

Man attempts to open plane door mid-flight
A Lufthansa Airbus A380 lifts off from Frankfurt airport. Photo: DPA

Lufthansa crew and passengers overpowered a man who interfered with a cabin door on a Frankfurt-Belgrade flight on Sunday, the German carrier said, insisting the safety of the plane had not been threatened.

Lufthansa inks pay deal with 30,000 ground staff
Lufthansa has yet to strike a deal with the UFO flight attendant's union. Photo: Boris Roessler/dpa

German carrier Lufthansa, reeling under a series of recent strikes, said on Saturday that it had reached a wage rise accord with services sector union Verdi covering 30,000 ground staff.

Lufthansa air crews call off strike
Lufthansa. Photo: DPA

Air crew union UFO announced on Wednesday that it has decided to call off a planned strike against Lufthansa, after the airline made significant concessions.

Lufthansa faces new strikes starting Thursday
Photo: DPA

The troubled airline Lufthansa is facing a new round of strikes, after air crew union UFO told its members to head for the pickets on Thursday and Friday.

Cabin crew strike
Lufthansa strike grounds another 900 flights
Striking Lufthansa cabin crew at Düsseldorf airport carry a sign reading "Without us: no air". Photo: DPA

Lufthansa announced that 933 services would be cancelled on Thursday as cabin crew entered their sixth day of strikes, leaving 107,000 passengers scrambling to find alternate transport to their destinations.

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