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Merkel: Turkey failing to meet EU terms for visa-free travel
Angela Merkel and Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Photo: DPA

The Chancellor warned that visa-free travel was unlikely to be granted to Turkey by July 1st, as originally planned, because Ankara was unlikely to fulfil the preconditions.

Merkel meets Erdogan in Istanbul as critics growl
Merkel and Erdogan at a meeting in October 2015. Photo: DPA

Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday in a bid to keep alive a deal to limit the number of refugees arriving in the EU.

Merkel party calls to punish Erdogan over power grab
Chancellor Angela Merkel (l) and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (r). Photos: DPA

The Chancellor has promises to "raise concerns" over democracy in Turkey. But conservatives are demanding tougher action after a law passed in Ankara threatens opposition MPs.

Don't read Erdogan bestiality poem in public: court to comic
Recep Tayyip Erdogan (l) and Jan Böhmermann (r). Photo: DPA

A Hamburg court on Tuesday banned the author of a poem lampooning Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan from publicly reciting passages from his work.

Pig's head found outside Merkel's constituency office
The conservative chancellor has been criticised by many Germans over her welcoming stance towards migrants. Photo: DPA

German police said on Saturday they found a pig's head bearing an "insulting inscription" outside Chancellor Angela Merkel's constituency office in the country's northeast.

Russia blamed for hacking attacks on Merkel and MPs
Chancellor Merkel is a favourite target for foreign spy agencies. Photo: DPA

Germany's domestic secret service said Friday it had evidence that Russia was behind a series of cyber attacks, including one that targeted the Bundestag (German parliament) last year.

Threats over 'Erdogan burger' force restaurant to close
File photo: stu_spivack/Flickr

The burger contained goat's cheese - a nod to comedian Jan Böhmermann's satirical poem which called the leader a “goat f*cker”.

Germany 'expects Turkey to stick to EU refugee deal'
Photo: DPA

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expects Turkey to stick to a deal to limit refugee flows to the EU even after the announced resignation of its prime minister, her spokesman said Friday.

Blasting AfD won't win back voters, warns Merkel
File photo: DPA

Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned senior members of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party not to attack Germany's rising populist party too aggressively, Bild reported on Tuesday.

Berlin axes scandal-hit foreign spy chief
Gerhard Schindler, outgoing head of the BND intelligence agency. File photo: DPA

The German government confirmed on Wednesday that the head of its foreign intelligence service would be replaced two years ahead of schedule, triggering mass speculation about the cause.

In pics: Obama and Merkel's rollercoaster romance
Photo: DPA

Barack Obama's stop off in Hanover this week was his last visit to Germany as President. One person is likely to miss him more than most.

Scandal over TV comedian
Prosecutors to interview comic over Erdogan poem
Photo: Ben Knabe/ZDF/dpa

State prosecutors plan to interview TV satirist Jan Böhmermann before deciding whether to go ahead with a case against him under a little-used law against insulting foreign heads of state.

Merkel dismisses Bavaria's refugee letter 3 months later
Horst Seehofer and Angela Merkel. Photo: DPA

In January Bavarian leader Horst Seehofer wrote Chancellor Angela Merkel a letter threatening to take the government to court over its refugee policy. On Monday he finally received an answer.

Obama in Germany
'Keep Germany at heart of united Europe': Obama
President Obama stands in front of European, US and German flags at the Hannover Messe on Monday. Photo: DPA

Germany and its European allies must not give up on the values that have brought the continent unparalleled peace and prosperity, US President Barack Obama said on Monday.

Erdogan poem affair
Merkel admits 'mistake' in satire poem affair
Photo: DPA.

Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted on Friday that she had made a "mistake" in her initial reaction to the poem, but held that the investigation against the comedian should still be allowed.

Hanover preps for President Obama's historic visit
US President Barack Obama. Photo: DPA

Barack Obama's visit to Hanover on Sunday will be the first time ever that a US President has visited the Lower Saxon capital's fair. And officials are taking it quite seriously: banning waving out of windows and locking down roads.

Merkel party at weakest point since 2011
Photo: DPA

Polls published on Friday morning showed Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) at its lowest level of support since 2011.

Scandal over TV comedian
Ban on insulting world leaders could be axed immediately
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (l) and TV comic Jan Böhmermann (r). Photo:DPA

Angela Merkel said it would take until 2018 to get rid of an obscure law used by the Turkish President to attack a German comedian. That's not fast enough for her critics.

German TV journalist refused entry to Turkey
ARD journalist Volker Schwenck. Photo: SWR/DPA

Volker Schwenck, a TV journalist for public broadcaster ARD, was detained on Tuesday after arriving in Turkey and appears set to be expelled from the country.

Online 'hate speech' trial for Pegida founder
Pegida supporters in Dresden on Monday with signs calling for Bachmann to be found innocent and for Chancellor Angela Merkel to leave the country. Photo: DPA

Some of the Pegida founder's unguarded words on Facebook may have caught up with him.

Erdogan poem affair
Merkel allows Erdogan's case against TV host to go ahead
Chancellor Angela Merkel with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. File photo: DPA

The German government will allow state prosecutors to prepare a case against satirist Jan Böhmermann under a little-used law against insulting foreign heads of state, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Friday.

Erdogan poem affair
Legal opinion finds Erodgan 'smear poem' not criminal
TV satirist Jan Böhmermann. File photo: DPA

There was good news for satirist Jan Böhmermann on Thursday, as broadcaster ZDF published a legal opinion claiming a "smear poem" he directed at Turkey's President was within the bounds of the law.

New law to punish migrants who fail to integrate
Women take part in an integration course in Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate, in November 2015. Photo: DPA

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's ruling coalition agreed Thursday on tough measures to spur the integration of migrants and refugees, including sanctions for failing to take part in programmes such as language classes.

Scandal over TV comedian
Calls grow to scrap law on insulting foreign leaders
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (l) has Chancellor Angela Merkel (r) in an uncomfortable position over the affair. Photo: DPA

The centre-left Social Democratic Party said on Tuesday that Germany should scrap a law against insulting foreign leaders – which has been used by the Turkish President to target a German comedian.

TV comic cancels show amid diplomatic row with Turkey
TV comic Jan Böhmermann pictured in January. Photo: DPA

TV satirist Jan Böhmermann has cancelled his regular show for this week as he faces potential legal action from the German government and Turkish President over a "libellous poem".

Turkey's complaint could land German comedian in jail
TV comic Jan Böhmermann (l) and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (r). Photos: DPA

A TV comedian's filthy poem of insults against the Turkish President has become "a kind of state crisis" in Germany.

Syrians in Germany 'want upper limit on refugees'
A Syrian family arriving at a refugee facility in Friedland, Lower Saxony. Photo: DPA

Syrians living in Germany share many of the same concerns about refugees as the population at large, a poll has found.

'Germany should reinforce Austria-Italy border'
Austrian riot police at a demonstration against the reintroduction of border controls at the Brenner Pass on Sunday. Photo: DPA

Germany should send border police to back up Austrian cops as they control their border with Italy in a bid to prevent migrants and refugees moving north through Europe, the Transport Minister said on Tuesday.

Germany slams Turkey's call to ban satire video
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Photo: DPA.

The German government sharply dismissed Turkey's demand that a satire video mocking President Recep Tayyip Erdogan never be shown again.

Merkel's approval climbs up to pre-refugee crisis levels
Photo: DPA.

Fear of terrorism after the Brussels attacks has shifted public opinion in Chancellor Angela Merkel's favour, a new survey found on Wednesday.

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