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Shock as German soldiers let kids play with machine guns
Photo: Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft (German Peace Society).

The German Defence Ministry is taking flak after pictures emerged of soldiers letting very small people play with some very big weapons.

Berlin to beef up German military after years of cuts
Photo: DPA

The Defence Ministry is to add thousands of new soldiers to its ranks and increase spending by billions. But will it be enough to satisfy the Americans and NATO allies?

Germany to build air base in Turkey for Isis campaign
A Tornado jet. Photo: DPA

Germany's air force is to spend tens of millions of Euros on a base in Turkey - in the expectation of a long battle against Isis.

Battle rages over using army to fight terror on German soil
A rank of soldiers from the Bundeswehr (German army). File photo: DPA

Top political leaders in Germany are duking it out this week over whether to change the Constitution to allow military deployments within the country's borders.

German soldiers 'may have joined Isis in Syria'
A soldier on guard outside a German army base in 2010. File photo: DPA

At least 29 German soldiers have travelled to Syria or Iraq in recent years, an internal military report has found, with some believed to have joined terror group Isis.

Extra defence spending won't be enough, soldiers warn
German mountain troops training in Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria, on Wednesday. Photo: DPA

Germany wants to modernize its army and contribute strongly to Nato - but is it spending enough?

Merkel calls for no-fly zone as Russian jets hassle Luftwaffe
A German Tornado reconnaissance plane at Incirlik airbase in Turkey in January. Photo: DPA

Keeping some parts of Syria safe from airstrikes could offer respite to those fleeing the fighting there, Chancellor Angela Merkel hopes.

Top German general praises Russian bombing in Syria
Harald Kujat, former chief of staff of the Bundeswehr (German army) inspecting Ukrainian troops in Kiev in 2004. File photo: DPA

A former top general in the Bundeswehr (German army) has praised Russia's campaign in support of brutal dictator Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

New army camo 'can fool night vision goggles'
A soldier wearing the new uniform in a field of scrub. Photo: Bundeswehr

A new type of camouflage developed for the Bundeswehr (German army) has been designed to fool even enemies using night vision equipment.

Kurdish fighters sell off German-supplied guns
A German soldier trains a Peshmerga fighter. Photo: DPA

“Weapon deliveries are a subsidy for the Peshmerga, so that they can finance their trips to Europe,” one German politician claimed.

Military mission over Syria
Luftwaffe jets grounded at night by software bug
A Tornado pilot in the cockpit. Photo: DPA

Since the beginning of the year the German Luftwaffe (air force) has been taking part in the military conflict with Isis. The only problem? Its jets can’t fly at night.

Taliban suicide attack hits German convoy
A US soldier secures the sight of one of the bomb blasts. Photo: DPA

A convoy carrying a German general was hit in a suicide car-bomb attack near Kabul airport on Monday, the news site Spiegel Online reported, adding that two soldiers were slightly hurt.

German navy rescued 10,000 migrants in Med
German sailors search a boat taking migrants over the Mediterranean. Photo: Bundeswehr / PAO EUNAVFOR MED)

Germany's navy said Saturday it rescued over 10,000 migrants at sea this year, including more than 500 people off the coast of Libya on Christmas day.

Luftwaffe takes part in first Isis attacks
The Bundeswehr's Airbus A310 aircraft. Photo: DPA

The Bundeswehr (German military) has joined attacks on terrorist group Isis for the first time, after a refuelling jet took part in a bombing mission on Tuesday evening.

Battle against Isis
Luftwaffe aircraft depart for Syria mission
A Luftwaffe Tornado lifting off. File photo: DPA

Planes will lift off from bases across Germany on Thursday and set course for Turkey, where they will be based during the Luftwaffe (air force) mission over Syria.

German mission to Syria gets go-ahead from MPs
Chancellor Angela Merkel casts her vote on Friday morning in the Bundestag. Photo: DPA

A huge majority of MPs backed the government's plans to send German forces to Syria in a vote on Friday morning.

Refugee crisis
Merkel warns of tough limits on Afghan asylum
A German soldier radios from the back of an armoured vehicle in Afghanistan. Photo: DPA

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Afghanistan's visiting President Ashraf Ghani agreed Wednesday to work jointly for stability in the South Asian country and to reduce illegal migration.

Less than half of German jets ready for action
A Tornado from Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Squadron 51 in a hangar at the unit's base in Jagel, Schleswig-Holstein. Photo: DPA

Only 29 out of Germany's 66 Tornado jets – the type slated to see action on reconnaissance flights over Syria – are airworthy, a Defence Ministry report showed on Wednesday.

Germans fear terrorism if army fights in Syria
Bundeswehr Tornadoes refuelling. Photo: DPA

A large majority of the German public fears a terror backlash due to Germany supporting France in its military campaign against Isis.

Fight against Isis
German air force will join French planes over Syria
A Bundeswehr (German army) Tornado aircraft taking off from the Jagel airbase in Schleswig-Holstein in 2013. Photo: DPA

Update: A Leading German MP confirmed that the country will offer military aid to France in the fight against Isis in Syria, following a promise by Chancellor Angela Merkel during a visit to Paris on Wednesday.

German Mali troops to free France for Isis fight
The Bundeswehr on operation in Mali. Photo: DPA

Germany will send up to 650 soldiers to Mali, Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen said Wednesday, to provide some relief to France in its global fight against Isis jihadists.

Schäuble moots ordering soldiers onto streets
Soldiers from the Bundeswehr (German army) on a training exercise. Photo: DPA

Soldiers from the Bundeswehr (German army) might be called on to support police inside Germany as a precautionary measure against terrorist attacks, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble said on Tuesday.

Paris terror attacks
'We'll do all we can to help France': Germany
Soldiers from the Bundeswehr (German army) on exercise in 2014. Photo: DPA

Germany will provide "help and support" to France, Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen said on Tuesday as Paris called for military assistance from fellow EU nations.

This Week in History
German army celebrates 60 years of service
Soldiers performed the traditional German "Grand Tattoo" before the Reichstag on Tuesday evening. Photo: DPA

The German army has had a checkered history, to say the least – so much so that in 1955, it didn't actually exist at all. But 60 years ago on November 12th, the German Bundeswehr was born as a new kind of army for a new kind of state.

Army spent €40m to treat zero Ebola victims
A doctor in Liberia during the Ebola crisis. File photo: DPA

The German army spent €39 million on a five-month mission in west Africa to help fight the Ebola epidemic. The number of victims it actually treated? Zero.

German army set for dangerous Mali mission
Photo: DPA

The Defence ministry is considering expanding the Bundeswehr's (German Army) mission in north Mali.

Fault forces Germany to stop Eurofighter orders
The Eurofighter Typhoon. Photo: DPA

The German defence ministry has suspended orders of new Eurofighter Typhoon jets after finding further flaws in the troubled and expensive warplane.

Leader of German Iraq mission dies suddenly
A German soldier trains a Kurdish Peshmerga fighter to use an MG3 machine gun made in Germany. Photo: DPA

The commander of Germany's mission to train Kurdish troops in northern Iraq died suddenly on Wednesday, the Bundeswehr (German army) said.

950 soldiers to fight Med people smugglers
German navy ship Hyena pictured leaving harbour in Warnemünde in 2010. Photo: DPA

UPDATE: Germany plans to expand its naval operations against human traffickers as part of an EU mission in the Mediterranean, Chancellor Angela Merkel's cabinet decided Wednesday.

German army to phase out G36 rifle from 2019
Soldiers with the G36. Photo: DPA

Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen announced on Tuesday that the government will scrap the G36, the Bundeswehr's (German army) standard rifle, following revelations about serious defects in its accuracy.

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