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'I'm definitely not a paedophile': disgraced MP
Former MP Sebastian Edathy is in hiding after a child pornography scandal destroyed his career. Photo: DPA

Former MP Sebastian Edathy quit his job and left Germany after videos of naked children were found on his computer.

Russia blamed for hacking attacks on Merkel and MPs
Chancellor Merkel is a favourite target for foreign spy agencies. Photo: DPA

Germany's domestic secret service said Friday it had evidence that Russia was behind a series of cyber attacks, including one that targeted the Bundestag (German parliament) last year.

German MPs vote to block North African asylum claims
Police officers escort a man to a deportation flight in late 2015. Photo: DPA

German MPs voted on Friday to classify Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria as "safe countries of origin" – meaning that asylum applications will only be accepted under exceptional circumstances.

German women battle for 'no means no' in rape law
A woman carries a sign reading "no means no" at a demonstration in 2011. File photo: DPA

Germany has long lagged behind other advanced nations when it comes to laws on rape. As parliament discusses a new law, women are using increased public attention to the problem to demand real change.

New law to punish migrants who fail to integrate
Women take part in an integration course in Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate, in November 2015. Photo: DPA

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's ruling coalition agreed Thursday on tough measures to spur the integration of migrants and refugees, including sanctions for failing to take part in programmes such as language classes.

Scandal over TV comedian
Calls grow to scrap law on insulting foreign leaders
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (l) has Chancellor Angela Merkel (r) in an uncomfortable position over the affair. Photo: DPA

The centre-left Social Democratic Party said on Tuesday that Germany should scrap a law against insulting foreign leaders – which has been used by the Turkish President to target a German comedian.

Top Green MP steps down after drug bust

Volker Beck, one of the Green party's top-ranking MPs, has stepped down from all his political offices after being arrested for drug possession in Berlin.

MPs vote through tough new asylum rules
Chancellor Angela Merkel and MPs cast their votes in the Bundestag (German parliament) on Thursday. Photo: DPA

Chancellor Angela Merkel's government says tougher rules will allow it to focus help on those most in need.

German ex-terrorist working for far-left lawmaker
Klar, seen here in 1992, was jailed from 1982 to 2008 for involvement in a string of murders and other attacks. Photo: DPA

A German left-wing lawmaker, Diether Dehm, sparked controversy on Friday when it emerged he has employed a former militant of the far-left Red Army Faction (RAF) who served 26 years in prison for murder.

Holocaust Remembrance Day
Shoah survivor praises Merkel for 'heroic' refugee policy
Ruth Klüger. Photo: DPA

Holocaust survivor Ruth Klüger on Wednesday lauded Germany for keeping its doors open to thousands of war refugees, calling Chancellor Angela Merkel's "we can do it" slogan "heroic".

Less than half of German jets ready for action
A Tornado from Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Squadron 51 in a hangar at the unit's base in Jagel, Schleswig-Holstein. Photo: DPA

Only 29 out of Germany's 66 Tornado jets – the type slated to see action on reconnaissance flights over Syria – are airworthy, a Defence Ministry report showed on Wednesday.

Refugee crisis
Merkel tries to hit tough-but-fair note on refugees
Angela Merkel addressing the Bundestag on Wednesday morning. Photo: DPA

Angela Merkel continued her balancing act between her party and her principles in a speech to MPs on Wednesday as she attempted to reassure parliament that she had the refugee crisis under control.

Just 30 minutes on a refugee boat is terrifying
Photo: Hannah Butler

On Tuesday, German MPs, journalists and others took to the Spree river in a boat once used by refugees to get an idea of what dangerous Mediterranean crossings are like. The Local's Hannah Butler was amongst the boat's passengers - and was shocked by what she experienced.

This Week in History
1949: the birth of modern German democracy
Paul Löbe opened the Bundestag's first session on September 7th, 1949. Photo: DPA

On September 7th 1949, the German Bundestag (Federal Parliament) met for the first time in Bonn. After decades of dictatorship, war and confusion, this assembly marked a new start for West Germany - in a brand new capital city.

Refugee crisis
Let's get refugees working quickly: Merkel
A refugee takes a selfie with Chancellor Angela Merkel during her visit to an accommodation centre on Thursday. Photo: DPA

Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday that getting large numbers of successful asylum seekers working would be the best way of integrating them into German society.

Refugee crisis
We're up to challenge of 21st century: Merkel
Angela Merkel speaking in the Bundestag on Wednesday. Photo: DPA

Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday that Germany would not only survive but thrive if it finds creative, mutually beneficial solutions to the interconnected crises affecting Europe and the world today.

MPs plan new close watch on spies
A dish at a German intelligence listening post in Bad Aibling, Bavaria. Photo: DPA

MPs in Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) are planning to put Germany's security services on a much tighter leash in the future following a wave of scandals, media reported on Wednesday.

Bundestag goes dark after hacker attack
Photo: DPA

The Bundestag (German parliament) computer system will go offline on Thursday evening for several days of maintenance work after it was infiltrated by unknown hackers. Experts warn that it's likely to remain vulnerable despite the overhaul.

Greece crisis
MPs vote through third Greek bailout package
Chancellor Angela Merkel surrounded by MPs and party leaders in the Bundestag during the vote on Wednesday. Photo: DPA.

German MPs voted through a third European bailout package for Greece on Wednesday, although a large number of abstentions and 'no' votes pointed to a sizable rebellion among Chancellor Angela Merkel's ranks.

Greece crisis
Germany isolated as Greeks vote on bailout
The man who will decide the fate of Europe? Photo: DPA

As more and more countries send positive signals about a possible deal with Greece for a fresh tranche of bailout cash, the resistance of Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble is leaving Germany more and more isolated in Europe.

NSA spying scandal
Govt 'lied' about NSA spying list: report
"Hmmm.... what if I just put all the blame on the Americans?" Photo: DPA

The German government was once again accused of lying by media on Thursday about spying by German security services on targets designated by the US National Security Agency (NSA).

According to Germany's most influential political magazine, Spiegel, Angela Merkel has decided to run for a fourth term in power and has already started talks on who will run her campaign.

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