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Secret meet of world elite drums up dread in Dresden
Fences in front of Taschenberg Palace in Dresden. Photo: DPA

Poor old Dresden. The city where some decided Muslims are plotting to take over Europe now has an even bigger conspiracy on its doorstep - the Bilderberg group and its "plan for world domination".

'EU won't ignore Turkey human rights issues'
Martin Schulz arrives at the European Union summit on March 17. Photo: Thierry Charlier/AFP

"We must not be silent on violations of fundamental rights in Turkey just because we are cooperating on the refugee question," European Parliament president Martin Schulz told Bild am Sonntag.

Military mission over Syria
Luftwaffe jets grounded at night by software bug
A Tornado pilot in the cockpit. Photo: DPA

Since the beginning of the year the German Luftwaffe (air force) has been taking part in the military conflict with Isis. The only problem? Its jets can’t fly at night.

Bild declares war on internet adblockers
Photo: Screenshot from bild.de

Germany's biggest newspaper Bild shuttered its online service on Tuesday to users who have installed so-called adblocker software.

Refugee crisis
I'm not scared of polls or my own party: Merkel
File photo: DPA

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Sunday that she would not be turned from her course in the refugee crisis by headwinds in the polls or rumours of rebellion in her own party, repeating her insistence that Germany can weather the storm.

Why Axel Springer may snap up Business Insider
A woman uses a smartphone outside Axel Springer headquarters in Berlin. Photo: DPA

German publishing giant Axel Springer is rumoured to have its sights set on a $560 million (around €500 million) deal to buy online news source Business Insider (BI). One expert tells The Local that it's an obvious next step in the company's drive to stay ahead of the news game.

Football fans show anger at Bild over refugees
Fans at Stuttgart vs Schalke. Photo: DPA

Newspaper Bild scored an own goal with Germany's football fans over its "we're helping" refugee campaign, on a weekend when Dortmund maintained their perfect start to the season.

Football club reject Bild's pro-refugee campaign
St Pauli is know for its left-wing identity. Photo: DPA

FC St. Pauli, Hamburg's second football club have refused to participate in a campaign to help refugees being run by right-wing tabloid Bild.

Bundesliga to wear shirts welcoming refugees
Fans display a pro-refugees banner at a game between RB Leipzig and SC Paderborn on September 11th. Photo: DPA

All 36 teams in Germany's top two leagues will wear "We're helping! #refugeeswelcome" logos on their shirts in this weekend's fixtures to encourage fans to help amidst Europe's immigration crisis.

Alps plane crash

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