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'Shit show' Berlin airport
Plan to open Berlin airport in 2017 finally (inevitably) dead
Passengers won't be walking beneath Willy Brandt's name in lights any time soon. Photo: DPA

Travellers are set to wait still longer for Berlin's much-delayed new airport to open, as city media report that a provisional opening date in late 2017 is no longer achievable.

The Local List
13 (even more) thrilling facts you must know about Berlin
Berlin, du bist so wunderbar. Photo: DPA.

Berlin is just so gosh darn interesting, we couldn't fit it all into the first list on our website of infinite virtual space.

We'll crush German airlines, boasts Ryanair boss
Michael O’Leary. Photo: DPA

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has told a German newspaper that German rivals Air Berlin and Eurowings are doomed.

Berlin thief shows heart in surprising act of kindness
Photo: DPA

Pickpockets are an ever more common phenomenon in the German capital. But sometimes they can surprise you.

The Local List
10 fascinating facts you never knew about Berlin
Photo: DPA

The German capital is a place full of surprises and secrets. With its ever-changing life it's hard to keep up with even a fraction of what is going on in the city.

School kids don’t have right to vegan food: Berlin court
Photo: DPA

Children whose parents want them to live a vegan lifestyle - or a stone-age or fruitarian one for that matter - will have to bring their own food to school, a Berlin court ruled on Wednesday.

Don't read Erdogan bestiality poem in public: court to comic
Recep Tayyip Erdogan (l) and Jan Böhmermann (r). Photo: DPA

A Hamburg court on Tuesday banned the author of a poem lampooning Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan from publicly reciting passages from his work.

Berlin mall occupied by 1,000-strong 'flashmob orchestra'
Conductor Kent Nagano lifts his baton as the flashmob orchestra gets to work. Photo: DPA

Hundreds of amateur musicians joined the German Symphony Orchestra to play Wagner, Verdi and Bizet pieces in a flashmob concert in the Mall of Berlin shopping centre on Monday.

IN PICTURES: Berlin's Carnival of Cultures
Photo: Wolfgang Kumm/DPA

The German capital celebrated its cultural diversity on Sunday with a huge street parade. Were you there?

Sexual assaults reported at Berlin street festival
File photo of the carnival parade. Photo: Soeren Stache/DPA

Women were "surrounded, harrassed and grabbed" at the city's celebration.

Former Iranian dictator’s art collection comes to Berlin
A work by Jackson Pollock from the Shah's collection. Photo: DPA

Works from one of the world's most prestigious collections of modern art, assembled under the former shah of Iran, will go on show in Berlin late this year.

Tourist terror as iconic Berlin balloon thrashed by winds
The Die Welt balloon swaying in the wind. Photo: DPA

Sightseers in the German capital feared for their lives on Tuesday afternoon when the "Die Welt" balloon swayed out of control in strong winds.

Hundreds of hosts ignore Berlin’s Airbnb ban
Photo: DPA

People who rent out whole apartments online are threatened with huge fines under a new rule in the German capital. But that isn’t stopping many landlords from continuing to cash in.

Berlin airport scandal: Probe into possible poison attack
Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Photo: DPA

Berlin's new airport has been blighted by delays and corruption. Now the farce has taken a darker turn, as police investigate the possible attempted poisoning of a whistleblower.

Berlin cracks down on Airbnb rentals to cool market
The Airbnb trend has also impacted the local hotel industry. Photo: DPA

German capital wants to keep housing affordable.

Berlin’s new airport 'may never open’: planner
Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Photo: DPA

The man formerly responsible for planning Berlin’s much-delayed international airport has claimed the air hub will never open, after a series of failures have left city authorities red faced.

Glass pane falls from Berlin skyscraper onto moving car
The Bahntower in Potsdamerplatz. Photo: DPA

A sheet of glass fell from the 16th floor of the Bahntower at Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz onto a car as it was driving through the square on Wednesday evening.

Police calm hipster frenzy at Berlin vegan restaurant
Wouldn't you stand outside in the cold for hours for a cup of revitalising green gunk? Photo: DPA

Has hipster gentrification gone too far in Berlin? As police battle hordes of trend-seekers hungry for vegan snacks, the question has to be asked.

German Unity 'seesaw' monument cut due to costs
Plans for the "Freedom and Unity Monument" in Berlin. Photo: Milla&Partner/dpa.

Budget problems and a colony of bats have put a halt to the planned monument.

Berlin Airport PR chief fired for calling project 'shit show’
Grass growing through cracks at Berlin's long-delayed new airport. Photo: DPA

The new spin doctor for Berlin’s embarrassingly delayed new airport found honesty doesn’t pay in his business on Monday, when he was fired after just three months in the job.

Foreign minister who helped bring down Berlin Wall dead
Hans-Dietrich Genscher. Photo: DPA.

Former West German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher - the man who helped catalyze the fall of the Berlin Wall - has died at age 89, German media reported on Friday.

Brussels attacks
'No fear' of terrorism among Berlin train travellers
A train arrives at Berlin central station. Photo: DPA

Life goes on as usual and without fear at Berlin's transport hub despite Tuesday's bombings in Brussels.

Berlin currywurst seller calms thief with leftover potato salad
Photo: DPA

It was just before midnight and Gabriela S. was preparing to close up shop for the evening. But the Berlin currywurst seller had one more tricky customer to deal with first.

Berlin's busiest square is hunting ground for criminals
Photo: DPA

For years, crooks and criminals have tormented tourists and travellers at Berlin Alexanderplatz. Police efforts to fight the scourge have so far failed.

My refugee 'brother' who lives illegally in our house
Photo: Private

A Berlin writer shares with The Local the story of how his family has taken in a refugee and how settling in hasn't always been easy.

Berlin car bomb 'revenge for drug deal gone wrong'
Photo: DPA

The car bomb that killed a 43-year-old man in Berlin on Tuesday morning was revenge for a drug deal turned sour, Bild newspaper reports.

Explosion under car killed convicted Berlin drug dealer
The damaged car in west Berlin. Photo: DPA

Police say that an explosive device placed under the car killed a Berlin man as he was driving in the west of the city on Tuesday morning.

No space for Allah as German unis close prayer rooms
Photo: DPA

Three leading German universities have closed down pray rooms used by Muslims, sparking accusations they are singling Muslims out for unfair treatment.

Berlin techno grandpa hopes to hit wildest party in USA
Bernhard Enste. Photo: DPA

Bernhard Enste is a legend on the Berlin techno scene - he's 67 and still hits the capital's most unhinged clubs. Now he wants to go to Burning Man, a seven-day rave in the Nevada desert.

Berlin slang you need to survive in the German jungle
Photo: DPA

If you think Germans are peculiar, you know Berliners are straight-up weird. Only by learning their language will you make it in the jungle of the German capital. Berlin local Max Bringmann gives you 8 words to survive.

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