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Berlin condemns Turkish crackdown after failed coup
Demonstrators wave Turkish flags and burn effigies in Istanbul following the failed coup. Photo: DPA

Erdogan's hardline response "flouts the rule of law", says Germany.

The Local List
Berlin's six coolest attractions you've never heard of
The Badeschiff pool on the River Spree. Photo: DPA.

Sick of feeling like a tourist? These off-the-radar spots will take you away from the cameras and cheesy selfies.

Berlin squatters win court victory after 'illegal' police raid
Police in Rigaer Strasse. Photo: DPA

A police raid on a squat in east Berlin in June, which led to a violent backlash from the far-left scene, was declared illegal by a court on Wednesday.

May wastes no time in calling Merkel, stresses friendly ties
Theresa May (l) and Angela Merkel. Photo: DPA

Met the Queen? Check. Called Merkel? Check.

Berliners' 'huge' response to need for refugee guardians

500 people have volunteered to become new guardians for the children.

Why Air Berlin no longer owns a single aeroplane
Photo: DPA

Blame Brexit...

Berlin liberals woo London startups with cheeky placard
Photo courtesy FDP Facebook page

Keep calm and move to Berlin: Germany's liberal party are rubbing salt into London's Brexit wounds by wooing startups with a mobile billboard.

Brexit vote
Anti-Brexit demonstrators protest in the heart of Berlin
Protesters in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Photo: Elliot Herman

Unhappy protesters met by the Brandenburg Gate on Saturday to show their discontent with the outcome of Britain's referendum on EU membership.

Brexit vote
'It won't be romantic. But I need an EU passport'
Lucy Thomas (left), director at Give Something Back to Berlin. Photo: Private

British expats in Berlin tell The Local that a week after the Brexit vote they are still stunned - and are considering their next steps.

Brexit vote
Brits in Berlin pub watch Brexit results in horror
Photo: Ali Butt/The Local

Expats gathered in a British pub in Berlin to watch coverage of the EU referendum - the mood sinking as the morning went on.

Berlin neighbours shocked by huge 'bloody refugee' mural
Photo: I Love Tegel/DPA.

In typical Berlin style, an artist painted a massive mural with political overtones, stretching the entire length of an apartment building. But residents are far from pleased.

Brexit vote
British traders in Berlin worry about impact of Brexit
Tea towels at English Traders, Photo: John Masters

Purveyors of Britishness in the German capital are 'appalled' and 'sad' as the UK's in-out vote on EU membership approaches.

The Local List
7 outdoor night spots that make Berlin’s summer unique
Photo: DPA.

Berlin summer's are like nothing else, and local nightclubs certainly know how to make the most of the warm weather and short nights.

Six things I won't miss about Berlin when I'm gone
Berlin, honey, we have to talk. Photo: Andreas Levers on Flickr

After spending three years in Berlin, outgoing editor Tom Barfield admits there are a few things about the Hauptstadt that get on his nerves.

Finally, west Germans are the ones trying to get into the east
Dresden is experiencing a population boom. Photo: DPA

A quarter century after the fall of the Berlin wall people are moving from west Germany to the former east in greater numbers than vice versa.

'Shit show' Berlin airport
Plan to open Berlin airport in 2017 finally (inevitably) dead
Passengers won't be walking beneath Willy Brandt's name in lights any time soon. Photo: DPA

Travellers are set to wait still longer for Berlin's much-delayed new airport to open, as city media report that a provisional opening date in late 2017 is no longer achievable.

The Local List
13 (even more) thrilling facts you must know about Berlin
Berlin, du bist so wunderbar. Photo: DPA.

Berlin is just so gosh darn interesting, we couldn't fit it all into the first list on our website of infinite virtual space.

We'll crush German airlines, boasts Ryanair boss
Michael O’Leary. Photo: DPA

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has told a German newspaper that German rivals Air Berlin and Eurowings are doomed.

Berlin thief shows heart in surprising act of kindness
Photo: DPA

Pickpockets are an ever more common phenomenon in the German capital. But sometimes they can surprise you.

The Local List
23 fascinating facts you never knew about Berlin
Photo: DPA

The German capital is a place full of surprises and secrets. With its ever-changing life it's hard to keep up with even a fraction of what is going on in the city.

School kids don’t have right to vegan food: Berlin court
Photo: DPA

Children whose parents want them to live a vegan lifestyle - or a stone-age or fruitarian one for that matter - will have to bring their own food to school, a Berlin court ruled on Wednesday.

Don't read Erdogan bestiality poem in public: court to comic
Recep Tayyip Erdogan (l) and Jan Böhmermann (r). Photo: DPA

A Hamburg court on Tuesday banned the author of a poem lampooning Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan from publicly reciting passages from his work.

Berlin mall occupied by 1,000-strong 'flashmob orchestra'
Conductor Kent Nagano lifts his baton as the flashmob orchestra gets to work. Photo: DPA

Hundreds of amateur musicians joined the German Symphony Orchestra to play Wagner, Verdi and Bizet pieces in a flashmob concert in the Mall of Berlin shopping centre on Monday.

IN PICTURES: Berlin's Carnival of Cultures
Photo: Wolfgang Kumm/DPA

The German capital celebrated its cultural diversity on Sunday with a huge street parade. Were you there?

Sexual assaults reported at Berlin street festival
File photo of the carnival parade. Photo: Soeren Stache/DPA

Women were "surrounded, harrassed and grabbed" at the city's celebration.

Former Iranian dictator’s art collection comes to Berlin
A work by Jackson Pollock from the Shah's collection. Photo: DPA

Works from one of the world's most prestigious collections of modern art, assembled under the former shah of Iran, will go on show in Berlin late this year.

Tourist terror as iconic Berlin balloon thrashed by winds
The Die Welt balloon swaying in the wind. Photo: DPA

Sightseers in the German capital feared for their lives on Tuesday afternoon when the "Die Welt" balloon swayed out of control in strong winds.

Hundreds of hosts ignore Berlin’s Airbnb ban
Photo: DPA

People who rent out whole apartments online are threatened with huge fines under a new rule in the German capital. But that isn’t stopping many landlords from continuing to cash in.

Berlin airport scandal: Probe into possible poison attack
Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Photo: DPA

Berlin's new airport has been blighted by delays and corruption. Now the farce has taken a darker turn, as police investigate the possible attempted poisoning of a whistleblower.

Berlin cracks down on Airbnb rentals to cool market
The Airbnb trend has also impacted the local hotel industry. Photo: DPA

German capital wants to keep housing affordable.

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