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Berlin axes scandal-hit foreign spy chief
Gerhard Schindler, outgoing head of the BND intelligence agency. File photo: DPA

The German government confirmed on Wednesday that the head of its foreign intelligence service would be replaced two years ahead of schedule, triggering mass speculation about the cause.

Mass surveillance
German spies imply Snowden leaked files for Russia
Edward Snowden pictured appearing by video link at the CeBIT technology conference in Hanover in March 2015. Photo: DPA

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden could have been acting under the influence of the Russian government, the heads of Germany's foreign and domestic intelligence agencies said on Friday.

German 'triple agent' jailed for eight years
Photo: DPA

A Munich court Thursday sentenced a former German intelligence agent to eight years in jail for spying for both the CIA and the Russian secret service, German media reported.

New report: NSA did more than just tap Merkel’s phone
Ban Ki Moon and Angela Merkel. Photo: DPA

New documents made public by Wikileaks reveal that the USA spied on Chancellor Angela Merkel's private conversations with world leaders.

Munich New Year alert 'part of EU-wide Isis plot'
Police outside Munich main train station on New Year's Eve. Photo: DPA

A terror alert in Munich on New Year's Eve was part of a plot for simultaneous attacks across Europe by terror group Isis, Turkish media reported on Thursday.

German spies 'rebuild ties with Syrian dictator'
The Syrian city of Aleppo after rocket attacks by the government of Bashar al Assad. File Photo: DPA

Germany's foreign intelligence service BND has resumed cooperation with the Syrian secret service in the fight against Islamist extremists, according to a newspaper report Friday.

Word of the Year 2015
'Refugees' is German Word of the Year for 2015
Chancellor Angela Merkel taking a selfie with a refugee in September. Photo: DPA

The Society for the German Language (GfdS) placed "refugees" at the top of its list of the ten most important words of 2015 released on Friday.

'Triple agent' admits he spied for CIA for cash
The Berlin headquarters of the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), Germany's foreign intelligence service. Photo: DPA

A German suspected triple agent charged with treason admitted Monday to spying for the CIA, telling a court he had done so out of dissatisfaction with his secret service job.

Berlin agrees plan to control German spooks
Photo: DPA

The coalition government has agreed upon a new draft law which will stop German intelligence services from spying on other EU states and prevent industrial espionage.

France demands answer on German spying
Francois Hollande (r) speaks with Angela Merkel (l) and Laurent Fabius (m) at a European-African summit in Valletta, Malta on Wednesday. Photo: DPA

French President Francois Hollande called Thursday for Berlin to supply all the information it had after reports Germany's foreign intelligence service spied on Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, saying it was not the kind of behaviour he expected between friendly countries.

German spies targeted French foreign minister
Laurent Fabius and the BND's listening station at Bad Aibling, Bavaria. Photos: DPA

Germany's foreign intelligence agency targeted France's foreign minister Laurent Fabius for surveillance as well as members of their own diplomatic service, German media reported on Wednesday.

Surveillance scandal
Germany spied on EU allies: new report
The BND spy station in Bad Aibling, Bavaria. Picture: Diether Endlicher/DPA

Germany's intelligence agency eavesdropped on many of the country's closest European allies, including France, Sweden, Italy, Spain and Britain, according to new reports.

Surveillance scandal
Germany spied on USA, France until late 2013
A demonstrator dressed as a spy outside the new BND headquarters in Berlin in September 2015. Photo: DPA

Spies at Germany's BND foreign intelligence service snooped on the communications of friendly states' embassies and government offices, including EU members and the USA, as recently as 2013, media reports claimed on Wednesday.

Activists love-bomb NSA with 'quit spying' drone
The entrance to the Dagger Complex in Darmstadt. Photo: DPA

An anti-spying organisation used a drone to drop leaflets over an NSA complex in southern Germany last week, hoping to persuade spooks to choose another line of work.

Government pays foreign spies' Oktoberfest costs
Oktoberfest. Photo: DPA

The German government pays for spies from all around the world to get drunk at Oktoberfest, a report released on Wednesday showed.

MPs plan new close watch on spies
A dish at a German intelligence listening post in Bad Aibling, Bavaria. Photo: DPA

MPs in Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) are planning to put Germany's security services on a much tighter leash in the future following a wave of scandals, media reported on Wednesday.

Prosecutors launch case against CIA double agent
The logo of the Bundesnachrichtendienst, Germany's foreign intelligence agency. Photo: DPA

Federal prosecutors have brought charges against a former worker at Germany's foreign intelligence agency who is suspected of passing information to American spies.

NSA spying scandal
Govt 'lied' about NSA spying list: report
"Hmmm.... what if I just put all the blame on the Americans?" Photo: DPA

The German government was once again accused of lying by media on Thursday about spying by German security services on targets designated by the US National Security Agency (NSA).

NSA surveillance scandal

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