These are Germany's absolute best restaurants... and they're not where you'd think

German cuisine may not be as internationally renowned among gourmands as French fare, but the country still has its share of three-star bistos that can't be missed.


How to get British healthcare no matter where you are

Navigating the health care system in another country can be tough, and even when it all works out, sometimes you just miss the comfort of the system back home. But there's a solution.



Here's where Germans speak the best (and worst) English

An study of English proficiency worldwide shows that Germany has made it back into the global top ten. But which Germans have best mastered the language of the Bard?


The key to launching your international career

In an increasingly globalised world, how do you get an education that's simultaneously international and personal? For many students, the answer is EU Business School.


Celebrating Nikolaus before Christmas

Each December 6th, children in Germany celebrate Nikolaus. But why does the Santa look-alike come so early and why do all the children place their shoes outside their front doors on the evening before? The Local has the lowdown.


Becoming an expat: where to start

Making the decision to move abroad isn't something to be taken lightly. There's plenty of boxes to be ticked, forms to be filled out, and general planning to be done. But where do you actually start?


Why making Germans wear bike helmets may actually be harmful

There are almost as many bikes as people in Germany. That doesn't mean Germans follow basic road safety - like wearing a helmet. But is that such a problem?


New Berlin justice minister wants fare-dodgers to 'clean up schools'

The designated justice minister for Berlin is pushing to punish fare-dodgers with social work rather than jail time, local media reported this week.

Rail worker jailed over train crash that killed 12

A German rail dispatcher who admitted that his negligence caused a train crash that killed 12 people has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison.

Three on trial for jihadist bomb attack on Sikh wedding

Three teenage boys went on trial in Germany Wednesday, accused of a jihadist bomb attack on an Indian wedding that left a Sikh priest badly wounded.

Missing Hamburg cop found dead in suspected suicide

A 22-year-old police officer was discovered dead after a six-day search, not far from the train station where she was last seen.

10 ways Frankfurt is no longer Germany's capital of dull

If you're a banker about to be sent from London to Frankfurt, don't worry! "Mainhattan" is now a thriving cultural hub, argues the Frankfurt Expat blog.


All you need to know about Geneva's Escalade

Geneva's most popular and enduring annual festival, the Escalade, takes place this weekend. The Local takes a look at the history of the event, and what's on offer this year.




Germany among top European countries for education: PISA report

Germany was among the top ten European countries in a survey of student performance on Tuesday, but still showed larger than average achievement gaps in certain areas.