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Adidas to bring production home with robot shoe factory
File photo: DPA

Adidas, the German maker of sportswear and equipment, announced Tuesday that it will start marketing its first series of sportshoes manufactured by robots in Germany from 2017.

German company unveils 3-D printed motorcycle
The bike, which has a 6 kiloWatt engine, has a hollow-looking frame that helped bring down its weight. Photo: DPA

Weighs just 35 kilograms.

Church tower Wi-Fi 'Godspots' to bring word from on high
File Photo: DPA

The Protestant Church in Berlin and Brandenburg has an unusual plan to attract the faithful to its thousands of steeples.

German astronaut to take command of space station
German astronaut Alexander Gerst suited up and ready for a spacewalk in 2014. Photo: DPA

Astronaut Alexander Gerst will be the first German commander of the International Space Station (ISS) on his next trip to the final frontier.

Fines for online hate speech can run into €1,000s
Chancellor Angela Merkel is often the target of explicitly violent online hate comments. Photo: DPA

People throwing around words like “vermin” or advocating the return of the gas chambers in online comments face high fines in Germany – as one German publication made very clear on Tuesday.

Speak German or face jail, court tells WhatsApp
Translating the terms into emoji might be easier than legal German. File photo: DPA

The CEO of WhatsApp could face jail in Germany unless the company moves quickly to provide its terms and conditions in the German language, a recently-published court ruling shows.

New law could let free Wi-Fi bloom in Germany
More Germans could soon be taking care of business from the cafe thanks to Wi-Fi. Photo: DPA

Germany's government is set to finally loosen restrictive rules that have turned businesses off offering free Wi-Fi, media reported on Wednesday.

‘Innovative’ Germans finally discover Victorian drying rack
The humble drying rack. Screenshot: Youtube

No one beats the Germans when it comes to invention and innovation - or so the cliché goes. But a Munich startup’s new project shows they’re not always first to the party.

World Jewish Congress slams YouTube over neo-Nazi videos
Photo: DPA.

The World Jewish Congress on Monday accused the German unit of YouTube of failing to stop neo-Nazis from using the online video channel to distribute thousands of anti-Semitic tracks.

Germany greens streets with €4,000 discount on every e-car
Photo: DPA

Germany will subsidise electric car purchases to give a jolt to sluggish growth in the sector and help meet national climate goals with zero-emission mobility, the government said Wednesday.

Computer virus found in Bavarian nuclear plant
Gundremmingen nuclear plant. Photo: DPA

A computer virus has been found in a nuclear power plant in Bavaria, but the power plant insists it does not pose a risk to the public or workers at the plant.

City installs floor traffic lights for smartphone addicts
The floor traffic lights in Augsburg. Photo: DPA

A German town has come up with an innovative way of saving the skin of slumbering ‘smombies’, by embedding traffic lights in the pavement.

Munich students predict Game of Thrones deaths with app
Photo: obs/RTL II/DPA

Students at the Technical University (TU) of Munich have built an app that predicts which characters on legendarily bloody TV show Game of Thrones will be next to die.

Apple 'could be building self-driving car in Berlin'
File photo: DPA

A German newspaper reports that Apple has set up a secret lab in the capital to build its self-driving car. But how plausible is the rumour?

Mass surveillance
German spies imply Snowden leaked files for Russia
Edward Snowden pictured appearing by video link at the CeBIT technology conference in Hanover in March 2015. Photo: DPA

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden could have been acting under the influence of the Russian government, the heads of Germany's foreign and domestic intelligence agencies said on Friday.

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