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Munich Oktoberfest to get first-ever entrance checks
Bavarian police at the entrance to the Oktoberfest grounds. File photo: DPA

Revellers hoping to join in the carousing at Munich Oktoberfest will have to pass through a security check before entering the festival grounds this year, Munich authorities have said.

2016 German teens just want to be mainstream
"This map says there's another H&M over there!" Photo: obs/ruf Reisen GmbH

Financial crises and an uncertain future are making young Germans risk-averse and driving them into a cultural mainstream – although they're also the most socially tolerant generation ever, a new study claims.

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Germany's most bizarre May 1st traditions
Locals from Ruhpolding, Bavaria ride a stolen Maibaum down the street. Photo: DPA.

May 1st brings out weird and wonderful traditions in Germany, from mountain-top witch parties to day-drinking and dancing. Something wicked this way comes...

500 years of the Reinheitsgebot
Berlin craft scene's challenge to ancient beer purity law
Photo: BRLO

Germany's best-known law worldwide is probably the ancient beer purity rule that's nearing its 500th anniversary. But Berlin is the home of a growing movement to challenge the Bavarian tradition.

Munich students predict Game of Thrones deaths with app
Photo: obs/RTL II/DPA

Students at the Technical University (TU) of Munich have built an app that predicts which characters on legendarily bloody TV show Game of Thrones will be next to die.

The Germans who long for the life of an English gent
German men's fashion guru Bernhard Roetzel. Photo: h.f. ullmann publishing/Erill Fritz

For Germans chasing the ultimate in style, one man holds the key to dressing in the timeless manner of the English gentleman.

Dating apps 'to blame for rise in sexual diseases'
Photo: DPA

The German government is concerned that dating apps are leading to a sharp rise in sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including a doubling in the number of syphilis infections, Bild reports.

Germany's most famous biscuit celebrates 125 years
Photo: DPA

One of Germany’s very first national brands is celebrating its 125th birthday: The Leibniz biscuit.

Prince cover on Frankfurt train takes musicians viral
Two German musicians would have made Prince proud with their rendition of "Kiss" in Frankfurt. File photo: DPA

Two German musicians were giving an impromptu concert in the Frankfurt S-Bahn. But what happened next has seen their video go viral.

Police calm hipster frenzy at Berlin vegan restaurant
Wouldn't you stand outside in the cold for hours for a cup of revitalising green gunk? Photo: DPA

Has hipster gentrification gone too far in Berlin? As police battle hordes of trend-seekers hungry for vegan snacks, the question has to be asked.

The Local List
7 breathtaking national parks to visit in Germany
The Bastei Bridge in the Saxon Switzerland National Park. Photo: Thomas Wolf/Wikimedia Commons.

Now that the days are getting longer and the sun is peeking out more often from behind the clouds, perhaps it’s time to seek out a new place to enjoy the spring weather.

Germany's most expensive luxury flat sold in Berlin
As housing market booms on in Germany, so does the demand for luxury flats - including in Berlin. Photo: DPA.

Is the capital no longer "poor but sexy"? Berlin has sold off the most expensive flat in Germany at more than €19,000 per square meter.

French fashion label sells postal service shirt for €245
Who knew that your neighbourhood DHL man was a style icon for all these years? Photo: DPA

Take a cheap shirt. Call it 'fashion'. Charge what you like.

Smartphone zombies wreak havoc on cities
Photo: DPA.

Pedestrians with their eyes glued to their smartphones pose a serious danger to traffic in European cities, according to a new study.

Germany hits 10-year-high in home-building
Photo: DPA.

The German housing market is booming, particularly for brand new flats.

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