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'More cameras than flying stones' at Berlin May Day
Police in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Photo: DPA

Berlin is a traditional hot spot of trouble during Labour Day demonstrations on May 1st. But the situation remained relatively calm this year with only a short outbreak of violence from the far left.

Gay penguins left in peace after breeding plans stall
King penguins in Berlin zoo in 2014. File photo: DPA

Two male king penguins who didn't quite live up to their keepers' plans for them to go forth and multiply have been moved from Berlin to Hamburg zoo.

Hamburg left rejects call for German flags outside schools
Photo: DPA

Conservatives in Hamburg met with ridicule on Monday after they proposed ordering all public schools to raise German and European flags.

Widower sues over pornstar wife’s fatal fifth boob job
Tim and Carolin Wosnitza in TV show 'Death of the Elbe'. Photo: DPA

Pornstar "Sexy Cora" was only 23-years-old when she went to have her fifth breast enlargement. The operation proved fatal and now her husband is suing the clinic that performed it.

Islam-critical French play is huge hit in Hamburg
Edgar Selge in Submission at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg. Photo: DPA

A stage adaptation of French novel "Submission", in which a Muslim president takes power in 2022 France, sold out at its Hamburg premier last weekend.

The German streets that honour murderers and racists
Photo: DPA

Despite Germany's reputation for being self-critical with its past, some German street names still pay homage to historical figures who left cruel and racist legacies.

Mayor stops watching BDSM porn to defend Constitution
A woman chained to a wall in latex clothes. Photo: Olivier T/Wikimedia Commons

A mayor has been left red-faced after a screenshot of his internet browser gave away apparently racy details about his private life.

Man plunges car into river Elbe on orders from satnav
The ferry station at Bleckede. Photo: DPA

Apparently affirming the stereotype that Germans always obey those in authority, a man drove into the river Elbe on Thursday after blindly following his Sat Nav.

Women plan protests against 'pro-rape' pickup artists
Roosh V has argued for the legalization of rape in past blog posts. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Protests are being organized in cities across Germany – including Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich – against meetings by followers of pickup artist Roosh V, who has argued for legalizing rape.

Berlin U-Bahn killer had history of violence
The U-Bahn platform at Ernst-Reuter-Platz in western Berlin's wealthy Charlottenburg district. Photo: DPA

A man who shoved a 20-year-old woman to her death under a Berlin U-Bahn train on Tuesday evening had a history of violence and drug abuse in Hamburg, media reports revealed on Thursday.

Biker war heats up with Reeperbahn shoot-out
Photo: DPA

One of Germany's most notorious streets became the scene of a violent shootout on Monday evening when a member of a biker gang was attacked by gunmen outside a bar.

Police warn punters over prostitute card scam
The Reeperbahn in St Pauli. Photo: DPA

Police are warning punters in Hamburg's red light district to beware of prostitutes asking them to pay for sexual services with credit cards.

German firefighters 'set fires to look like heroes'
File photo: DPA

Four firemen have been convicted of arson in northern Germany after it emerged that they were regularly setting fires so they could heroically extinguish them.

25,000 litres of fake tequila goes up in flames
The spirits were destroyed on Thursday morning. Photo: DPA

What do you do with 25,000 litres of fake tequila? Set fire to it, apparently - with the Mexican Ambassador and the Tequila Regulation Council standing by to make sure the job's done properly.

Athletes devastated by Olympics rejection
A protest against Hamburg's Olypmic bid. Photo: DPA

Germany's Olympic sports stars have reacted with widespread dismay and disappointment in the wake of Hamburg residents' decision to vote 'No' to a bid to host the 2024 Summer Games.

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