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Two police raids on journos raise press freedom fears
The raids relate to violent protests in Frankfurt in March 2015. Photo: DPA

Police raided the Berlin homes of two photographers on Wednesday morning. One journalist said he was being treated "like an outlaw."

Frankfurt serial killer struck up to 10 times, claim police
Photos of alleged victims at a press conference in Wiesbaden on Thursday. Photo: DPA

After body parts were found in the garage of an apparently normal pensioner who died in 2014, police believe they are dealing with murders stretching back four decades.

Unknown attackers rip heads off 40 chickens
File photo: DPA

A farmer in central Germany woke up on Sunday morning to the horrifying sight of 40 of his chickens with their heads ripped off by brute force.

Frankfurt police hunt gunmen after broad-daylight shooting
Police forensics officers examine the victims' car, with bullet holes clearly visible in the windscreen. Photo: DPA

Police are hunting for unknown gunmen who shot and seriously wounded two men in broad daylight in central Frankfurt on Thursday.

Germany's six most beloved shopping streets
The Krügerpassage on Westenhellweg, Dortmund. Photo: Wikipedia

Where do Germans most love to spend their cash? The results of a new survey show the hottest shopping miles in the Bundesrepublik - and Berlin barely features.

Germany's first Isis war crimes trial starts in Frankfurt
Photo: DPA

A German jihadist suspect went on trial Tuesday for war crimes in Syria after allegedly posing for photographs holding the severed heads of two victims of the conflict.

Skull of St. Hedwig stolen from Frankfurt Cathedral
Frankfurt Cathedral. Photo: DPA

A holy relic on display in Frankfurt Cathedral since October has been stolen, to the dismay of the city deacon.

Lufthansa slashes 895 flights over Wednesday strike
Photo: DPA

Six German airports will face strikes on Wednesday, with Europe's largest airline Lufthansa warning that almost 900 flights will be cancelled.

Prince cover on Frankfurt train takes musicians viral
Two German musicians would have made Prince proud with their rendition of "Kiss" in Frankfurt. File photo: DPA

Two German musicians were giving an impromptu concert in the Frankfurt S-Bahn. But what happened next has seen their video go viral.

No thanks from neo-Nazi for refugee rescuers
A sign reading in the town of Büdingen near the crash that reads "Büdingen is open-minded. Here's to being good neighbours". Photo: DPA

NPD politician Stefan Jagsch would not quite own up to reports that refugees had rescued him in a car crash last week.

Brussels attacks
Tighter security could mean delays at Frankfurt airport
Police at Frankfurt Airport. Photo: DPA

Delays and disruption may hit travellers on the busy Easter weekend amid heightened security.

Farmer saved after lying stuck under tractor for 3 days
Photo: DPA

A farmer in central Germany had a lucky escape on Monday - he’d been pinned under his tractor wheel for three days in freezing conditions before he was found.

Brussels attacks
German airports on high alert after Brussels explosions
A police officer armed with a submachine gun in Frankfurt airport on Tuesday. Photo: DPA

German federal police are tightening security at airports, public spaces and borders following a series of explosions in Belgian capital Brussels.

Police grab suspected jihadi at Frankfurt airport
Frankfurt Airport. Photo: DPA

A 22-year-old from western Germany has been arrested at Frankfurt Airport over allegations he joined Isis and appeared in propaganda videos for the group.

Frankfurt court releases terror suspect due to 'full schedule'
The state court in Frankfurt. Photo: DPA

A court in Frankfurt has released a man being investigated for his links to jihadi group Isis because officials "are dealing with other issues at the moment".

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