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This film makes Darmstadt look more romantic than Paris
The Russian Orthodox Church in Darmstadt. Source: City, Light and Movement.

Not quite sure where Darmstadt is? A short film shot by a Syrian refugee will have you rushing to locate it on a map.

Cleaning spray sets off shock explosion in Frankfurt cafe
Photo: Frankfurt fire department.

Four people have been injured in an explosion at a cafe in a Frankfurt shopping district. The culprit: cleaning products.

Couple copulating on bridge shut down Autobahn
Kaiserlei Bridge in Frankfurt. Photo: Dontworry / Wikimedia Commons.

It was a highly unusual choice of location for a romantic rendezvous, police in Frankfurt point out.

Mural for dead refugee boy vandalized in Frankfurt
Before and after the vandalism. Photos: DPA.

Vandals have destroyed a mural in Frankfurt dedicated to a Syrian toddler who drowned last year trying to reach Europe with his family, police said on Thursday.

'German ticket collectors saw I was a tourist and milked me'
Photo: DPA

Ticket controllers on Munich and Frankfurt local train systems are facing new accusations of exploitation of tourists who do not understand the payment rules.

German clinic offers last hope to cancer-struck Aussie child
Parents Hayley and Mark with Alexia and her brother Anton. Photo: Private

When doctors in Australia admitted defeat in their attempts to cure a four-year-old's brain cancer they said there was only one chance left - a cutting-edge clinic in central Germany.

Orlando killer 'had links with Frankfurt airport worker'
Photo: DPA.

The man who killed 49 people in the deadliest US terror attack since 9/11 may have been linked to a worker at Frankfurt Airport, German media reported on Friday.

Family charged for exorcism murder in Frankfurt hotel
The Intercontinental Hotel in Frankfurt am Main. Photo: DPA

Five family members from Frankfurt murdered one of their relatives while trying to exorcise the devil from her body, prosecutors allege.

British EU referendum
Doubts hang over Frankfurt's prospects after Brexit
Will 'Mainhattan' cash in from Brexit? File photo: DPA

Media reports in recent months have suggested that the financial capital on the Main could steal London's banking thunder if Britain votes to leave the EU. But it's not the only city in the running.

3 asylum seekers arrested for sexual assaults at music fest
The Schlossgrabenfest in Darmstadt. Photo: DPA

Update: Police in Darmstadt have received 14 complaints of sexual assault from women who attended a music festival in the city over the weekend.

Two police raids on journos raise press freedom fears
The raids relate to violent protests in Frankfurt in March 2015. Photo: DPA

Police raided the Berlin homes of two photographers on Wednesday morning. One journalist said he was being treated "like an outlaw."

Frankfurt serial killer struck up to 10 times, claim police
Photos of alleged victims at a press conference in Wiesbaden on Thursday. Photo: DPA

After body parts were found in the garage of an apparently normal pensioner who died in 2014, police believe they are dealing with murders stretching back four decades.

Unknown attackers rip heads off 40 chickens
File photo: DPA

A farmer in central Germany woke up on Sunday morning to the horrifying sight of 40 of his chickens with their heads ripped off by brute force.

Frankfurt police hunt gunmen after broad-daylight shooting
Police forensics officers examine the victims' car, with bullet holes clearly visible in the windscreen. Photo: DPA

Police are hunting for unknown gunmen who shot and seriously wounded two men in broad daylight in central Frankfurt on Thursday.

Germany's six most beloved shopping streets
The Krügerpassage on Westenhellweg, Dortmund. Photo: Wikipedia

Where do Germans most love to spend their cash? The results of a new survey show the hottest shopping miles in the Bundesrepublik - and Berlin barely features.

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